React native has evolved as a renowned and a top favourite choice of both the establishments and the start-ups who were soliciting an avenue for venturing into the app development domain in the most cost-effective and time efficient manner. React native app platform is one of the most widely used and a prominent cross platform mobile framework that is used by the React native developers worldwide. It is pertinent to note that according to a 2020 survey, 42% of software developers are using the React mobile app platform from across the globe, and they seem to be liking it more than any other platform or database for mobile apps.

We would like to mention that a React native developer is usually under immense pressure as he ought to deliver high performance and offline first React native apps that can scale instantly. Therefore sometimes it is quite an onerous task for the React native developers to hand-pick the apt technology stack and thereby inculcate the most relevant database for React Native. 

However fret not because we have made your task a lot easier and mentioned below is a well compiled list of the best databases for mobile apps built with React native that are a favorite amongst all the top iPhone developers. We are sure that these databases might be in sync with your distinct needs and would help you scale your app. 

Top 3 Local React Native Databases

1. Realm

Realm is an open source and object oriented database that works about ten times more quickly than the varied other traditional mobile React native databases. Realm works in complete congruence with all the complex data types for both real time and offline apps. It doesn’t require any kind of key value stores or object centric mapping. Furthermore it has its own search engine and the objects that are preserved in the Realm databases can easily avail access to varied other sources or threads. The best apps for developers are usually built using the Realm database, and needless to say, it is used by the best mobile app developers as Realm helps developers enhance the overall performance of their React native apps by working with an eclectic gamut of data. 

2  Firebase

Firebase is a renowned Google-owned database that boasts of NoSQL. If you have a mobile application that is more inclined towards data synchronization and offline data updating, then Firebase is undoubtedly your best bet. React native app developers love working with Firebase as it helps them significantly manage their MVC based React mobile apps that possess high data requirements. It is also appurtenant to note that Firebase offers the most meticulous performance tracking tools that help you easily detect and fix a bug in your react native app. This database offers complete end-to-end support with full access to all the data removal from the Google server as and when required. 

3. SQLite

SQLite was primarily built to help create database apps and to offer the React native developers a capacity of building local storage databases for the React mobile apps. Also as the name elucidates, ‘Lite’ denotes the database being lightweight and it thus requires a minimal setup. SQLite executes the maximum amount of SQL policies with all the varied tools that can help you efficiently manage a ginormous volume of data. 

Its performance quality is somewhat debatable but nevertheless greater and flawless results can be accomplished for the React native app developers who have previously encountered decent web database development. SQLite source code comes free of cost for everybody to make use of, and it is available in the public domain.

This is it from our side. We don’t want to baffle you with a long list of databases as these are the ones that we have personally tried and tested and we liked all of the above three React native app databases. You can easily create React native hybrid apps or native apps using these databases and we are sure that your app would scale to great heights. However one pro tip that we would like to give herein is that before you narrow down your choices and decide to opt for one of the above three database, or even any other React Native app database for that matter, make sure to primarily list down your distinct requirements as the ultimate success of your app would depend upon the database that you select for your app. Should you need the assistance of an expert React native app developer in this regard, and if at all you are keen on getting your very own iPhone app and are scouting for an iPhone app developer then look no further and hire an iOS developer from us at Zazz. We are experts in creating robust and feature rich React native and iOS apps and our coterie of the most talented and expert iOS, React native app developers would be more than happy to assist you.


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