“Destiny 2’s witch queen expansion” Release date and what’s in the update

To the one who is waiting for the destiny 2’s witch expansion, the witch queen is nearby. You will meet the killer witch queen in the mid of 2022.  On June 2020, Bungie said that the Destiny 2 witch expansion will be released in the year 2021. But later they informed that the release date had been postponed to the next year. One of the reasons for the expansion of the release date is due to the COVID-19 pandemic that happened this here. The developers can’t complete this project from home.

Also, the assistant director of this game has announced that there will be a major update in the destiny 2 witch expansion. Also, Bungie says that there will be another chapter in the destiny 2 road maps. Bungie says the three main reasons for the game postponed is because the developers work from home, the change of the ambitions of the witch queen, and the ongoing updates of the destiny 2.

"Destiny 2's witch queen expansion" Release date and what's in the update

Also, there is an exiting news waiting for the destiny 2 fans is that after the release in the 2022, there will be a release in 2024 with another expansion. There will be many updates in the game. “The Witch Queen represents an important evolution in the ongoing story of Destiny 2,” Bungie explains. The three expansions are the major changes in the game.  In 2022, we can expect the witch queen. In 2023, we can expect light fall and in 2024, The Darkness.

At first the game was released on a pay-to-play station 2, Xbox One, and also Microsoft Windows platform in 2017.  Bungie says that they have an unannounced chapter releasing after nightfall, which helps us to complete the full saga of destiny. He also says that the witch queen is the main and important change in the ongoing story of destiny.

The witch queen will fire the changes for the beyond light and light fall. There are many changes in the characters like heroes, arcs, and villains, etc.   The genre of the game is that the player is the first-person shooter. You can purchase this game on Amazon, Microsoft Store, steam, and PlayStation store.

While Bungie is saying about the changes and updates in Destiny 2, in his blog he says about the changes to the game in the next couple of seasons. He says about adding the infusion caps to the armor and weapons to the destiny 2. Bungie says that from season 12, the weapons and armor from season 1 to 8 will have the maximum power by the infusion cap.

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