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Are you a big game freak? You want to be able to play all the games on PC or console, but without a console. There are many ways to enjoy computer-specific games and apps on other systems thanks to the growing technology and tricks that are being shared online.

We are talking about emulators. Websites such as will help you, no matter where you live. Let’s get started!

About Ninjatweaker: is an online site that aims at becoming the next generation web game emulators. It is an emulator framework which allows you to play PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch or Xbox games on your Android, iOS, and other devices.

It doesn’t require you to have any other apps installed. Simply visit the website via any web browser from your smartphone, and then search for the desired game. Select the version that you want, and then follow the prompts. Unfortunately, this website doesn’t have user reviews or ratings.

Is a legit website?

These are the essential details that will help us determine whether the website we’re looking at is legit.

  • Domain age: The domain was registered by the owners 10 September 2020. It is therefore 1 year, 10 mois and 23 days respectively old.
  • Domain Expiration date: 10 September 2023
  • Trust score: This website is rated at 45% on average.
  • Trust Rank: This website does not have any trust rank data.
  • Global Alexa rank – According to our research has the #1314852 popularity ranking.
  • Plagiarized content: Some of the content on this website, such as the game descriptions and other content, has been taken from other websites.
  • Customer policies: This website does NOT contain any rules or policies.
  • No user reviews and comments available on this website.
  • About Us page: This page is not separate from the website.
  • Contact details: No contact information is listed on the website.
  • Owner’s information not revealed
  • Social media presence: There are no profiles or links to social networks on the website.

More information about this website’s games: offers many fun and popular games such as Sonic Mania Plus.

The details of the game are available by clicking on it. Other guides, such as how to use it, can also be found when you click on the title box. A rating can be viewed by other users. You can also see how many people have installed the game.

Last Words:

Additionally, this website allows you to view all the great games you can download for free, no matter where you live Philippines.

Have you downloaded games? We would love to hear about your experiences using the games in the comments section.


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