How to Win the Playoffs Conference Semifinals is a Challenge in NBA 2K22

The Conference Semifinals of the NBA Playoffs have arrived, which means that there are new challenges available in NBA 2K22. Players in MyTEAM will be able to unlock new cards and rewards by completing these Agenda Challenges. As the postseason progresses further, additional challenges and opportunities to earn rewards will become available.

In NBA 2K22, there are currently 18 Agenda Challenges available for players to complete in order to advance to the Conference Semifinals. It is essential for players to get a head start on completing these challenges in order to save time for when the Conference Semifinals come to a close, despite the fact that 2K22 MT PC is likely that more challenges will be added over the course of the next few days as the competition nears its conclusion.

The Playoffs Conference Semifinals Challenge Guide for NBA 2K22: How to Complete It
The following are the challenges that are currently on the agenda for the Playoffs Conference Semifinals:

Playoff Rewards can be used to score a total of 31 points. A Shoe Boost Pack is the reward for defeating Jordan Poole in a game.

Over the course of multiple games, collect a total of 12 boards with any Bam Adebayo to earn the Glass Cleaner Badge Pack.

Complete a game using any Jaylen Brown and make six 3-pointers during that game to earn the Sharpshooter Badge Pack in NBA 2K22.

You will receive five tokens as a reward if you score 30 points and get four assists using any Devin Booker in a single game.

With Playoff Rewards, you can get two steals. Tyrese Maxey across a number of games (the prize for which is a shoe award pack). A Shoe Boost Pack will be your reward if you score 28 points and get five assists while using the Playoff Rewards Jalen Brunson in a game. To receive the Bucks Dynamic Players Pack, you must first win a game using 10 Bucks players.

You will receive five tokens as a reward if you score 18 points with any Jonathan Kuminga during a game.

In a single game, you must make six 3-pointers and have nine assists while using any James Harden player. Your reward will be a Sharpshooter Badge Pack.

Earn a Glass Cleaner Badge Pack by achieving a game-high score of 30 points and obtaining 13 rebounds while using any Jayson Tatum player.

To earn a Heat Dynamic Ratings Player Pack, you must first win a game using all 13 of your Heat players.

Earn a shoe award pack by obtaining four steals with Mikal Bridges while using Playoff Rewards over the course of multiple games.

In NBA 2K22, players will receive a Ruby, Amethyst, Diamond, Pink Diamond, or Consumables option pack after completing each of the game’s challenges. Additionally, they will be eligible for additional rewards. The list that can be found below contains explanations of what each of the Moments of the Month challenges are in the order that the Lifetime Agenda Group presents them, beginning with the challenges that are specific to the Single Player mode. In NBA 2K22, players are unable to change their affiliation with a challenge, so it is important to verify which Moments of the Month challenge is associated with which player before attempting to complete Where to buy mt 2k22.

Score 125 in Single Player: Achieve a total of 125 points in Single Player play across multiple games.
Achieving a score of 75 in Unlimited:A total of 75 points must be earned across all Unlimited games.
Clutch Time: 75 points out of 100. A total of 75 points must be earned across all Clutch Time competitions.
Rewards Moments of the Month Amethyst Option Pack for the Month of December
Score a career-high 29 points on the Nowell PTS thanks to your Moments Rewards. over the course of multiple multiplayer games, Jaylen Nowell

Winner of the Metu Game: A player who scores 11 points and receives a block from Moments Rewards. Chimezie Metu participated in only one of the TT or TTO games.

The following three players, Robert Williams, Saddiq Bey, and Chuma Okeke, represent the next best value picks for the NBA 2K22 Moments of the Month rewards. Players will be able to complete the Williams Triple-Double, Bey Career Higher, and Okeke Career High STL challenges more quickly if they choose cards from this Moments of the Month set. One of the most challenging Moments of the Months challenges is called the Graham Game Winner, and Cheap MT 2K22 requires players to make five four-pointers with Devonte’ Graham over the course of multiple games. Completing this challenge will earn players a Diamond option pack.

Because this must be done online and cannot be completed in any other way, NBA 2K22 Coins PC is recommended that you try to make contact with an opponent in order to determine whether or not they would be willing to trade challenge opportunities with you. Doing so will make completing this challenge much simpler. Because everyone is working toward the Galaxy Opal DeMar DeRozan as the game’s ultimate reward, there are probably some players in NBA 2K22 who would be willing to accept a challenge trade request from you.

Rewards Diamond Option Pack For December’s Memorable Moments Of The Month
Bey Career Advancement:Moments Rewards will award you with 17 rebounds. SaddiqBey over a variety of different multi-player games.

RewardsPink Diamond Option Pack For The Month Of December Moments Of The Month
Robinson Blocks and Rebounds: With Moments Rewards, you can get up to five blocks and eight rebounds. An individual performance by Mitchel Robinson in a game

Score 38 points with Moments Rewards to set a new career high for Wagener PTS. Franz Wagner over multiple multiplayer games

Make eight 3-point shots using Moments Rewards to qualify for Mills 3’s. Over the course of multiple multiplayer games, Patrick Mills

It is important for players who join the NBA 2K22 Season 4 game late to keep in mind that some of these 21 Moment cards may become available in the Auction House at a later time. Receiving 30 cards from the Lifetime Agenda in NBA 2K22 is required in order to open up the Auction House in the game.

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