Red has a strong and chaotic aura. It’s the hue of passion, desire, and love.

However, it is also linked to battle, danger, and violence and is supposed to intimidate your opponent.

Some even argue that wearing bright red jerseys for sports teams may be advantageous since they deter the opponents.

However, because we support the flower power message of spreading love rather than violence, we’d want to emphasize the passionate significance of red flowers.

Red roses are commonly presented on Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day because of their relationship with love. Order flowers online and add colors of love into your life.

The Meaning of Roses and Red Flowers

The old tradition of giving roses on Valentine’s Day dates back to the late 17th century when King Charles II of Sweden visited Persia. Charles discovered the technique of communicating with flowers rather than words. This tradition gradually gained traction throughout Europe, with lists of flowers and their meanings being commonplace.

However, this does not explain how red flowers came to have their symbolism.

So, what’s the deal with red roses on Valentine’s Day?

That story is based on Greek mythology. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was identified with the Rose. Aphrodite cried bitter tears for her beloved Adonis, murdered by a wild boar. Rose plants sprouted where her tears hit the earth, dyed by Adonis’ blood. The story has a (half) happy ending, with Zeus bringing Adonis back to life.

But, because Persephone, the goddess of fertility and the dead, also wanted his love, Adonis agreed to spend six months in the underworld with her for every six months he spent with Aphrodite in the living world. The Crimson Rose is the greatest emblem of Aphrodite’s love for Adonis in this story.

Her tears nourished the flowers, and the crimson color represented the life of the beloved she had lost.

Red is a religious color.

Red is also a popular color in religion. The clothing of Catholic cardinals is an excellent illustration.

The color red represents the blood they are prepared to shed for the church.

As indicated by the widespread usage of red as a Christmas hue, Christmas is closely linked with the color.

For weddings and other important events, Muslim women frequently apply crimson henna. And color is the second most significant color in Buddhism (after gold).

It is a high-energy hue that represents transformation and vigor in this faith.

Red Flowers and Their Symbolism

In the flower industry, red may be one of the essential hues. There are so many red-flowering plants!

Which makes it tough is to determine which ones to choose for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or another special occasion when you want to offer a loved one a stunning red bouquet.

Here are some of the most well-known red flowers, along with their symbolic significance!

Other red flowers to consider giving are:

Tulips are undoubtedly the most famous Dutch flower, and they come in this famous floral hue.

Tulips have the symbolic connotation of “perfect love” in general. When it comes to a perfect match, it appears that red Tulips are the way to go. It’s a love match made in heaven.

Their intense crimson colors elicit passion, love, and sensuality, making them a favorite choice among newer couples. They can also signify “trust me” or “my emotions are genuine.”

So, when you wish to “impress” someone you like, bring them a gorgeous bunch of red tulips.

Anemone is a delicate, fragile, and attractive flower. In every arrangement, especially in red, it’s a show-stopper. The crimson anemone is a sign of death or deserted love. Anemones are a sign of truth and compassion.

Adonis spilled blood on the anemones that originated from Aphrodite’s tears, staining them scarlet as she was sobbing. Red anemones symbolize the blood poured by Christ on the cross in Christianity.

The Amaryllis is the quintessential Christmas flower. Amaryllises are flowers that represent beauty and communicate devotion or thanks. The red Amaryllis is the most traditional form of this flower. For the winter season, red amaryllises are a must-have.

Send flowers online to your special person and make them feel loved. It is a sign of passion, love, and desire. As a result, it’s ideal for gifting to a love relationship.



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