Top 5 Movies Motivating to Study

Many of us use entertainment to escape our unpleasant realities when things are at their worst. Motivational films are one of the many genres at your disposal that can help you get back on track by giving you the energy to take on the academic problems you previously gave up on. 

Here I’ll discuss some of the movies that gave me the motivation to study again whenever I was feeling so exhausted that I had to get a professional to do my accounting homework for me because I had lost the desire to do so. 

Without further ado, let’s look at five movies that can help you regain your motivation to study. 

  1. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

This film, directed by Gabriel Muccino and starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith, chronicles the story of Chris Gardner. Chris apparently receives a bad deal from fate when his bone density scanners barely generate any revenue, which causes his wife to leave him and Gardner to lose his apartment. 

Gardner, who is compelled to live on the streets with his son, continues to sell scanners while also pursuing a paid internship as a stock trader and receiving training to surpass his rivals. 

The life of Chris Gardner demonstrates how persistence and tenacity may help you get through obstacles and realize your goals.  

  1. Freedom writers (2007)

Young teacher Erin Gruwell is featured in Freedom Writers as she launches her teaching career. Due to their origins, the other teachers heavily despised Gruwell’s class. 

This tale perfectly captures Erin’s desire to engage with her students and alter their views on education. Gruwell’s efforts are finally rewarded when her students’ fortunes are turned around by focusing on their studies. 

This story is an excellent example of how, despite the odds appearing to be stacked against you, perseverance and hard effort may enable you to get through obstacles and experience unexpected success. 

  1. Good will hunting

A mathematical prodigy with a troubled past, Will Hunting is the subject of this remarkable film. Will’s ability to solve challenging mathematical equations as an MIT cleaner impresses the faculty members. 

Unfortunately, Will’s challenging life in the slum keeps him locked up when he is released into the care of the professor. The professor and Sean, Will’s therapist, work with Will to help him see that there is more to himself than he realizes. 

  1. Stand and deliver (1988)

This movie narrates the story of math instructor Jaime Escalante who works in a Hispanic neighborhood. Escalante doesn’t initially have a good reputation with the students; he frequently receives taunts and threats and comes off as arrogant and unsympathetic when his pupils’ personal issues are revealed. 

This story shows the strive of underdogs and their success against all odds. Escalante uses unique teaching strategies for his students because he believes they have potential. Escalante’s students are overjoyed when they receive their results and learn that all of them passed, which is an achievement that few students in the state manage to achieve. 

  1. Dead poets society (1989)

The dead poet’s society tells the tale of John Keating, an English teacher in love with classical literature and poetry. Keating employs atypical teaching methods, challenging students to challenge the status quo. 

John Keating also uses his passion for fighting oppression at Welton academy and for developing independence in his learners, helping them pursue their interests regardless of society’s expectations. 

Final Take

Whenever you are running low on motivation, these movies should cross your watch list. The narratives of people managing wondrous feats against all odds can help change your perspective of a condition and give you the much-needed energy to overcome your tussles. 

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