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Clubhouse: Drop-in audio Chat Platform And Everything You Need To Know

After the Whatsapp fiasco and several raging tweets, several alternatives were coming up just for the sake of protection of data. After the buzz around Signal and Telegram, there’s another app that caught the eyes of the tech-savvy people- Clubhouse. No, it’s not Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, rather an app even Tesla’s Mr. Musk as well as Zuckerberg too (quite ironical!).

What Is Exactly The Clubhouse App?

Just like the picture based app Snapchat, Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. It will literally feel like eavesdropping if you know the way people are going to utilize it. Various conversations and interviews happening among renowned personalities can be heard. It’s going to work as a podcast, but not a pre-recorded audio, rather a live one.

But Clubhouse is not yet available on Android- only exclusive on IoS. Your range of choices will start from global news to technology and even to literature, you are no aware of. What makes the app stand out is that there won’t be any images or videos or short videos, just voices with profile pictures. You don’t need to spend any cash behind the new buzz app and also the absence of annoying frequent ads.

How To Join The Clubhouse App?

Now there’s a twist. You can also think of it as a drawback. You can only join the app when you get an invite link. It is not for everyone and only a few can get into the Clubhouse world. The reason suspected is because of the conversations and interviews. Treat it as something only meant for the elite group.

Once you set up your profile, you got to select your preferences, and that’s how the app’s algorithm going to present the relevant audios and eventually one gets addicted to the same. Not surprising though. If you want to make a room or a group chat, it is mainly become like a conference call, half of them talking and half of them listening. The app is more like the screen-sharing app, Rave, where people from all over the globe can watch different videos and chat at the same time. One need not worry about the leakage of audios, because once the conversation is over, there is no trace left and no one can come back and look after the same. But just like any meeting apps, a person has the permission to record any live conversation. So, this is yet another drawback.

How Do One Get An Invite?

First of all, you need to find someone who already is a member. But even if have no clue about such a user, do not worry. Every new user gets five free invitation links that can be shared with others. But you cant share the same link with many users. It’s a one-time usage. However, the app is still in its beta version, so there will be various changes coming up. Seems like Clubhouse is gearing up to widen their user proportion.

Who Are The Founders?

Silicon Valley-based entrepreneurs Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson founded the app last year in the month of March. The app has currently 1500 users and is worth $100m.

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