How Is the Student Life in Coventry?

Coventry is a city in the West Midlands and on the River Sherbourne in England. Like many other cities in England and the UK, it has also gained popularity for hosting international students. Many students from different parts of the world plan to visit Coventry for their graduation or some other courses after completing their school education.

At the time of selecting a city for higher education, the major concern of everyone remains the quality of education and the student life in that city. So, while selecting Coventry as the host city for higher education, students like to know about the quality of education available in this city as well as its student life.

As far as the quality of education is concerned, Warwick is a tough competitor of many other cities in the UK. It has two universities, which are Coventry University and the University of Warwick.

Student life in Coventry is also amazing. Here are some of the facts about student life in Coventry.

A Top 5 UK Student City

Top 5 UK City

According to QS Best Student City Index, Coventry is one of the top five UK student cities. Therefore, it is counted under the best cities in the United Kingdom for students. This is a city with rich history and diverse culture. It is a vibrant city and is affordable for everyone. There is a lot to see and do in Coventry.

This city has an excellent transportation system. You can not only commute easily inside the city but also to the other cities of England. The capital city London is only one hour away from here by train. Besides, Birmingham is within 20-minutes’ train distance from Coventry.

Amazing Student Accommodation Properties in Coventry

Student accommodation Coventry remains a major concern of students who get enrolled in this city. In the accommodation properties in Coventry, students find all the facilities and services that they expect in modern times. However, the facilities may vary from property to property and you can select an accommodation property according to your budget and preferences.

You can find fun features in many student accommodation Coventry. You can get a games room in your student accommodation complex where you can play the games like pool, table tennis, and foosball. You may also find an in-house cinema in your student complex. Most of the accommodation units also have televisions.

In addition to the fun features, many accommodation properties also offer fitness facilities to students. You may find an in-house gym in your accommodation complex with workout machines made through advanced technologies.

Moreover, there are study tables & chairs and study rooms for the studies. Most of the properties are equipped with Wi-Fi internet connections.

Besides, there is a friendly environment in the accommodation complexes. You find the students there who have come from different countries. You can meet some students from your country there whom you can befriend plus make some international friends.

Excellent Campus Life on Coventry

coventry university

There is excellent campus life at the universities in Coventry. We can take the campus of Coventry University as an example. The area named “TheHub” is the center of campus life for students at this university. It is a place to gather and meet friends. You can also have a coffee at “Costa Coffee”.

There is “The Health and Wellbeing Center” here to take care of students. Moreover, there is also “The Spirituality and Faith Center”. “The Tank Studio” is also here for multimedia production. Some other special units of the campus are “The Careers and Add+vantage office”, “The Enterprise Hub”, and “Students’ Union Advice Service”.

Similarly, you may find a wonderful student life and some special facilities on the campus of the University of Warwick also.

This city welcomes 13000 students from 150+ countries.

Some Other Facts About Student Life in Coventry

Coventry has an extensive range of restaurants and food outlets. These units cater to global tastes. You can get the taste of Caribbean, Middle Eastern, Indian, British, Asian, French, Italian, Japanese, American, and Latin American foods in the city center alone. There are some wonderful dessert parlors also. Moreover, artisan food and vegan options are also found in Coventry.

Furthermore, there are many other things to enjoy in Coventry. You can find a vast selection of high-street favorites, independent retailers, markets, and luxury brands in this city. You can find forty independent businesses here including printing services and a craft brewery.

In addition, students can find some excellent landmarks in Coventry such as Coventry Transport Museum, Coventry Cathedral, Coombe Abbey Park, Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve, War Memorial Park, and many others


Whether it is the campus, accommodation, or the city itself, students get a great life in Coventry without any doubt.

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