The Dig Release Date Officially Announced by Netflix

Simon stone’s movie “THE DIG” starring Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Chaplin, Lily James, Jhonny Flynn, Ken Stott and Monica Dolan which is streaming on Netflix.

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The Dig is a U.S based movie on real-life events of 1939 on the eve of world war II where British women hire a self-taught archaeologist to dig enigmatic formations on her land, which on the other hand leads to a staggering find.

The Famous Historical Novel Hits Cinema: The dig

The Dig is a historical novel of John Preston which was published in May 2007. This movie outlines the discovery of the Sutton Hoo burial site on the property of Edith Pretty portrayed by Carey Mulligan. She appears as an upper-class English dowager and a mother in her late 1930s, who wants to accomplish her postponed dream of digging up her big backyard on her estate in Suffolk. She hires an archaeologist Basil Brown portrayed by Ralph Fiennes and his team to make a revolutionary discovery.

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The Dig


The Dig is a movie which is a biography, historic, dramatic and is based on real-life events.
Edith Pretty a rich widow who is peculiar about the enigmatic formation at the land of her backyard. The movie starts as Pretty hires Basil Brown and his team to dig up on the land of world wide II looms.

The Dig’s Trailer Live on Youtube

The official trailer was uploaded on 3rd Dec 2020 on youtube. Click below to watch the trailer.


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