How Much Destiny Data Usage For a Daily Player Everything You Need To Know

Destiny is one of the games which are critically well appreciated. It is a shooter video game with a great storyline. Its graphics and gameplay are pretty much awesome! Here I am going to tell you about the data usage of Destiny. Let’s begin!

Destiny Data Usage

Online gaming is a burden when you don’t know how much data it is going to use. Don’t worry even these cool online games mostly take around 40MB to 300MB per hour. It’s doesn’t take as much as Netflix streaming. So don’t worry at all. 

In India, mostly everyone has a data pack of around 1.5GB daily. So it’s not that burden unless your teachers are taking long lectures. This is what I hate about online teaching?

DESTINY 2 takes around 300MB per hour. This doesn’t seem that much for any Indian gamer. For Sundays you can enjoy 1.5 GB alone as no there are no work and classes. Enjoy your Sunday with gaming!How Much Destiny Data Usage For a Daily Player Everything You Need To Know

Things you need to Data plan ( As you may waste your precious money on gaming that will give a good reason for your parents to tout you?)

As a hardcore where you consider gaming as a religious ritual than that 1.5 GB of data is not enough. Things to need to know before buying a data plan:

  1. Speed
  2. Data Caps
  3. Ping Rate

Ping rate is a very important factor as speed and Data caps. Ping rate is the network latency between the game server and PC. The ideal ping rate is 20ms to 150 ms which is good for gaming, downloading and streaming.

Your mobile data going to die if you used it for downloading games. As you know that most of the games sizes are around 50 GB to 1TB and for updates, you need a minimum of 20 GB.  Think twice before downloading!How Much Destiny Data Usage For a Daily Player Everything You Need To Know

Allow updates of games on Wifi only unless you don’t know where your precious Money data are gone. It is better to know about your daily data usage before updating. What if you have something important to do online but you waste it in our game update? Don’t give reasons for your parents to stop your gaming

 I hope it was informative to all gamers. Stay with Evedonus Film for the latest updates.

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