Watch Online Sonny Boy Episode 7 Road Book Upcoming Plot Release Date and Time

Shingo Natsume’s exceptional work Sonny Boy’s anime adaptation has released 6 episodes as of 23rd of August. And no one can deny the fact that not a single dull moment has been experienced by the audience so far. The followers of the anime are in for an unusual, alternative reality ride in this season.

As the 7th episode release date nears, the fans cant hold back the nail-biting sensation. Without further adieu, lets take a look at all the information we have about the 7th episode.

Sonny Boy Episode 7 Release Date and Release Time

The seventh weekly episode of Sonny Boy will come out in the last week of August. There will be no delay in the release of the episode and the episode will come out as per the schedule. The episode has neem titled ‘Road Book’. It will be releasing on 27th August, Friday.

Pacific Time of the release is 8:30 AM, Eastern Time is 11:30 AM, Central Time- 10:30 AM and British Time, 4:30 PM.

Sonny Boy Episode 7 Upcoming Plot

In the next episode the students will be seen discovering the mystery behind their alternative selves in the real world. In the previous episode they were able to escape the alternative reality with the help of a dog’s guidance. It will be interesting to see their next step, and if they will be able to overcome the hindrance this time and actually make their way home.

Sonny Boy Episode 7 Watch Online

We have listed down few platforms where you can watch the anime Sonny Boy. The previous episodes are also available here, and can be accessed anytime. Whereas the new episodes are released on time, every Friday.




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