The world of fame comes with a bunch of difficulties and bodyguards too. Having hundreds and thousands of fans might look tempting to some but it comes with a series of restrictions and danger. While the fans out themselves as admirers there are some that might be dangerous for the stars too. The last outbreak of the case between Kim Kardashian and his bodyguard has lead to a number of disputes.

Want to know full details about the story? Well, we have covered every detail of the case recorded.

Kim Kardashian And History

The American reality television actress, model and business woman Kim Kardashian is one of the highest paid women in the world. She has a past full of controversies but has emerged from every with greater courage and huge fame. Her 2002, Kim Kardashian Sex tape was highly debated among everyone but she rose amidst one of the greatest controversies of her life with more knowledge and boldness.

Kardashian Bodyguard

With millions of followers on her Instagram and twitter she has made her vital presence in today’s world. Her recent controversy of engagement ring with Kanye West which got stolen from her room in Paris while her family was on a vacation is one of the incident that raised people’s attention and in turn her security. Also Read.

Kardashian Bodyguard

Kim And Kanye’s Bodyguard

In 2016, the couple signed an agreement with their bodyguard Steve Stanulis prohibiting him for sharing any personal details of the couple. They threated the bodyguard for a $10 million lawsuit if her persisted with this act. According the reports, the bodyguard made statements breaching the confidential conversations. The couple demanded for public apology from the bodyguard.

Kardashian Bodyguard

After the incident in Paris, Kim and Kanye settled with a $6.1 million lawsuit against bodyguard Pascal Duvier who failed to protect Kim Kardashian during Paris robbery when the model was help at gun point stealing all her cash and jewels. According to reports, Kim was left alone in the hotel while her bodyguard left for a nightclub and the same night the robbery occurred.

Kardashian Bodyguard

After the robbery, the couple fired longtime bodyguard suing him for his lame behavior. In 2018, the security lawsuit also reported security breaches at a hotel where Duvier was reported.

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