Spy X Family Chapter 54 is set to release soon. As the previous chapter was released, fans are curious about everything that can happen next episode. Get to know everything related to the series and release date.

Spy X Family Chapter 54

Spy X Family is a Japanese manga series. It is written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo.  It was first serialized for free on the Shonen Jump+ application. It was premiered on March 25, 2019. It can also be complied as volumes so till now there are 7 volumes.

Spy X Family Chapter 53: Plot Recap

In the previous chapter of the Spy X family, Yor has finally dealt with the consequences of his actions. Immediately after she and an entire army of soldiers were killed, she received words of praise from the director. The Master called her a mortal woman.

Spy X Family Chapter 54

Yet Yor only felt a void inside her. Later, Yuri returned from the ship with an offer letter in her hands. He showed the letter to Yor and thanked him for supporting him all the time.

Spy X Family Chapter 54

Yuri told Yor that he no longer needed his help. He also said that he would quit his job as a murderer and flee to another country to continue his new job. Yuri also mentioned that the job letter was from the State Department. Yor congratulated him on this achievement. But inside he only thought about how insignificant his life would be if Yuri left the family.

Spy X Family Chapter 54

She remembered her childhood when she promised Yuri that he would always be by his side. So the chapter ended with Yor realizing that his work has a greater purpose than simply saving Yuri.

Spy X Family Chapter 54: Release Date

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Spy X Family Chapter 54 is set to release on October 3 2021 according to the official notice. If they is any delay in the chapter release, fans will update through the new article. So fans are requested to be updated.

The timing of the chapter is different as of timezones, fans are requested to look for their time in their zone comparing to 12 AM JST.

Where to read Spy X Family Chapter 54?

Spy X Family Chapter 54

Spy X Family Chapter 54 along with all other chapters can be read online on VIZ media and Mangaplus.

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