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You must have heard of People Magazine by  Meredith Corporation as one of the leading magazine in the genre of celebrity news, interesting stories and hot gossip. While most of the people have changed to the online news reading methods, this magazine has still managed to make it’s way amidst all the paper-less talk and emerged as the greatest magazine of all times.

Want to know how this magazine grew into a brand!

Evolution Of The PeOple Magazine

The concept of the leading Magazine was pitched to Andrew Heiskell who was the former publisher at Life Magazine by  Richard Stolley. The main focus of the magazine was to give focus on the people and not the issues. The main motive was to get back to the people who are caught up in the news and want to know the full details at the earliest possible.

Pe0ple Magazine

In 1974, the magazine was sold on newsstands and in supermarkets. The first premier edition featured  Mia Farrow who was the actress in The Great Gatsby. It also involved a brief about the US Vietnam veterans who were missing in action and  Gloria VanderbiltAleksandr Solzhenitsyn. The magazine was initially published black and white with a cost of 35 cents.

Pe0ple Magazine

The core team of the magazine involved photographers, writers and editors from the Life Magazine like Hal Wingo , Sam Angeloff, Ronald B. Scott, Robert Emmett Ginna and writers James Watters. Also Read.

Teen People

In 1998, The PeOple Magazine introduced a version called the Teen People targeting the Teen Audience who had been an evident reader of the magazine during that time. It talked about celebrities and information related to teen development under the guidance of Niraj Biswal and Barbara O’Dair. However, the company had to shut down the publication immediately in 2006.

Pe0ple Magazine

Present People Magazine

Presently, the People Magazine has been a huge hit breaking it’s own records of visitors and publications. In 2015, they had 72 million audience and that has been growing rapidly since then. It became the highest advertising American Magazine in 2011, generating a revenue of $997 million. It was named ‘Magazine Of The Year’ in 2005.

Pe0ple Magazine

Currently, it has a audience base in billions with online and offline publications. It is best known for the “World’s Most Beautiful”, “World’s Best and Worst Dressed” and the “Sexiest Man Alive” columns released annually. Also Read.

Pe0ple Magazine

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