Tokyo Olympics – Men’s Olympic Cross Country Mountain Biking Schedule

After a long wait, Tokyo Olympics have finally begun to happen this weekend. Even under the shadow of increasing Covid cases, the events are going smoothly till now. The opening ceremony took place on 23rd July commencing with teams all over the globe.

Japan has been the origin of the Keirin Racing and with the same homey spirit, Olympics 2021 is all set to organize various sports including cycling on roads, tracks, mountain biking, or BMX. With a total of 22 gold medals to grab across 4 disciplines, cycling is almost scheduled for each day in the game schedule.

Mountain Biking Sport Overview

Mountain Biking is originated during the 1970s in the USA with people enjoying outdoor sports and modifying their bikes for off-road conditions (mountains). The MTB Cross Country sports involve both concentration and potential. The journey takes between 90-105 minutes to complete the course, consisting of mostly narrow dirt single track trails with rocky ascents and descents.

The race contains multiple laps with the first rider to complete all stages results winning the gold medal. However, many riders keep on eliminating in between the laps if having 80 percent lesser speed than the race leader’s first lap.

Two-wheeled action sport in the Olympics kicks the weekend with the men’s Road Race cross country mountain biking around the lower slopes of Mount Fuji.

Men’s Olympic Cross Country Mountain Biking Schedule  

Men’s Olympic Biking Cross Country Mountain Biking is all scheduled for Monday 26th July at 3:00 pm local time. Simultaneously, women cross country mountain biking is scheduled for 27th July same time.

Tokyo Olympics- Men’s Olympic Cross Country Mountain Biking Schedule

Tokyo’s Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing fills the voids of Olympic programs on the First Monday and Tuesday of the Games. The Izu MTB course, located just outside Tokyo, specified with 4km lap with 150m of climbing. The route has various sections named Amagigoe, Joren-no-taki, Hashi, Wasabi, Odorikohodo, and Karesansui according to their distinct features. It contains an extreme off-road track with rocky sections to test the rider’s ability.   

Keep up going with Olympic schedules and let’s together play and pray for the country.

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