Kavat Genetic Code : How to get Kavat & Warframe Overview

Warframe is an action playing shooting game, developed and published by Digital Extremes. The game was released for PlayStation 5 in 2020 and recently this year it was made available for Xbox series X/S.

Game overview:

The game is a third-person shooting game, it revolves around Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who have awoken in future Earth after centuries of suspended animation, and now they’re in a war with their old memories. The players have to complete the missions but controlling their tenno player (role-playing) the game has story-specific missions, shooting missions, and role-playing missions.

Kavat Genetic code : Warframe

Kavat Genetic Code:

Kavat Genetic Code is a very rare resource that is used to create an actual Kavats in the incubation chambers which you use as your companion during the game and secondly in the making of the Khora warframe.

How to get Kavat:

  • A Kavat Genetic Code can be purchased from the market directly for five platinum.
  • To get Kavat, go to Deimos and there are missions available and two quick ones are is the Phlegyas (Exterminate) and Horned (Capture) missions, make sure your alarm for wild kavats are off. Scan during the mission to get genetic code and if there are Kavats it’ll spawn.
  • In either mission, the player has a 25% of chance of getting the Kavat so you’ll be doing the missions more than once to get a successful supply.
  • The Kavats spawn in groups (2-3 likely) so while doing the mission you have to look around and also you’ve to make sure you don’t kill the Kavats while shooting the enemies because that’s not the way to get them, you’ve to scan the Kavats to get your genetic code, as mentioned above.
  • They’re not easily detectable during the mission and also they keep jumping so a trick is to keep looking with a scanner to locate them easily.
  • Additionally, if you’ve got resource boosters or resource double boosters that can be a plus point it will increase your resources when you pick them, like using a double booster will get you one kavat when you kill it and another will be spawned beside it so when you scan that you get 2 kavats, making the process quicker.

Kavat Genetic code : Warframe

This is the best way to get Kavat genetic code in the game.

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