Muzan Project Slayers  How do I find Muzan Spawns Project Stlayers?

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Good morning, readers. In this article we will discuss the Roblox Project Slayers Fighting video game. Dear readers: Have you heard of Muzan, an important character from the popular Worldwide Roblox game?

After completing level 15, you have the chance to become demon. You will need to search for the Muzan at night because he can only be found in certain locations.

Muzan & Project Slayers –

Project Slayers was recently launched. The game has multiple levels. After level 15, the real quest begins. Players have the chance to become a demon by completing the 15 levels. There is no need for Muzan to be killed.

How do I find Muzan Spawns Project Stlayers?

Players with the Muzan Spawn Pass will be able to find Muzan Spawn easily using hints from the Pass. The Pass clearly shows where Muzan can be found at night. Don’t kill or run after the Muzan when you find him. Just go closer and talk to him.

You will find out that Muzan has two missions you must complete to obtain his blood after this interaction. The first mission requires you to collect five Blue Lily Spider flower petals, while the second is about capturing Dr. Higoshima.

Blue Lily Spider Followers are located randomly, just like Muzan Spot Locations. They are not required to be able to locate them as they appear on a map at a fixed time. You can check the map again to find Muzan, then go ahead and pick the flowers.

Dr. Higoshima is a resident of Kiribating. To travel to Kiribating by horse, the players will need to use a horse. After reaching Kiribating you will see a small home on top of a mountain. Enter the house and press H to take Dr. Higoshima. Remember that Dr. Higoshima doesn’t show up during the day so you must bring him to Muzan Projectslayers before dawn.


Q.1 How many bloods does Muzan give to a player?

A.1 He offers to give you a teaspoon of his blood.

Q.2 Do you think it is necessary to fulfill the mission of Muzan?

A.2 Yes, it’s the rule of the board.


Project Slayers can be described as a Hunting game. You must complete two missions in order to become a demon. You can find more information about the game by clicking on this link.

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