Bows are one of the best weapons in Minecraft, it fires arrows and it is quite convenient to use as well especially for something that is a distance and here’s a guide for enchantment for the Bow to make them more powerful in the game.

Bow Enchantment guide: Minecraft

  • You can get an unenchanted bow in many ways like, sometimes you may get it in mob loot, fishing, trading, or even crafting.

Bow Enchanment Guide for Minecraft

  • Some enchantments can be found in the ‘enchantment table’.

Other than this there are 6 enchantments you can try:

  1. Unbreaking: This is a bow that is more like a more bow but with greater durability so basically, it will take longer to break, the health won’t be affected much as compared to the normal bow. Levels for this bow is from I to III.
  2. Mending: Just like unbreaking takes more time to break than an actual bow this takes even more time than unbreaking and it possibly never breaks this enchantment is one of the best in these as it keeps mending your bow or any weapon you put it in and thus, you don’t have to worry about your weapon breaking whilst fighting.
  3. Power: This is another great enchantment and the strongest so this basically increases the damage your bow will cause, essentially making it stronger. It goes from level I to V and so if you’re at level V that works marvelously.
  4. Punch: This enchantment is like an additional punch to your opponent that is when you use this in your bow whenever it hits it knocks it off like a punch. It goes from level I to III.
  5. Flame: It is another incredible enchantment, your shot from the bow goes with an arrow with flame and causes damage from the fire you literally use it for anything, it is strong, you can shoot anything from mobs to even light up a campfire with this, It has only I level.
  6. Infinity: This as the name suggests will give you infinite arrows and you can continuously shoot which is great cause you won’t have to run to craft or hunt for skeletons for more arrows.

Bow Enchanment Guide for Minecraft

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