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Hamefura Season 2 Episode 6

My Next Life As a Villainess(Hamefura) Season 2 Episode 5 was titled as ‘Love For the Younger Brothers Poured Forth’ was aired on 7th July, 2021.The followers are waiting for the succeeding episode to come out. We will open up all the details like release date , where to watch it online and more updates regarding Hamefura Season 2 Episode 6.

This series is about a rich heiress Caterina Claes who got knocked hard in the skull with rock and recuperates memories about her past lifetime. She realizes that she is now the self-centered villainess from an Otome game. She evades destruction flags that doomed her charm in the game.

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Recap: Hamefura Season 2 Episode 5

Catarina avoided all her doom flags and enjoys her school life. School festival was approaching and she was keenly waiting to have a variety of foods in the event. She agrees to apply for the role at Sophia’s request and shares the stage. She was captured by someone and asks why is she kidnapped. Geordo begins investigating about Catarina’s disappearance.

The person who kidnapped Catarina turns out a unpredictable person. She is stunned and kidnapper talk further about himself. After resolution of Catarina’s kidnapping, Jeffrey Stuart tells about his younger brothers to Susanna Randall.

What will happen? Hamefura Season 2 Episode 6

Hamefura Season 2 Episode 6 will be titled as ‘I Had a Summer Adventure’. Keth might unexpectedly go absent in episode 6 making Caterina curious about he’s been captured. In the meantime, we will get to know that Keth might have left the house in anger.

As established on Twitter, The season 2 will have as a whole of 12 episodes.

Release Date and Time

Finally, the wait is over. Hamefura Season 2 Episode 6  is planned to publish on 7th August, 2021 which is really very near and the timing for the same is by 1:30 am JST. It will be published differently as per your location.

Where to WATCH

It will be streamed on multiple platforms.

Hope you gained knowledge on variety of questions regarding Hamefura Season 2 Episode 6.

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