Stardew valley is role playing video game. It was developed by Erin ConcernedApe Barone. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows in the year 2016. And for macOS, Linux, PlayStation, Nintendo switch and other platforms, it was released later in 2016 to 2019.

Game Play

Stardew valley is simulation farming video game inspired by another game named, harvest moon. The player first needs to develop their character. Player is provided with a piece of land. They need to select from different farm maps. The player needs to harvest and farm the piece of land and make their profit. The game provides an in-game chat fiction where a player can chat with another characters.

Stardew Valley Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes are very useful for any game. With the help of cheat codes, players can save themselves for any trouble or hardships. Here’s the list of cheats for stardew valley game.

Stardew Valley Cheat Codes

Extended Cheats For Fishing

In order to reach up to the level 10 without spending hours, player needs to open their journal. Opening the journal can stop the time and the player can easily get level up without much time running out.

Stardew Valley Cheat Codes

Cheat To Delay Sleep

The game provides a day and night story line, where at midnight, the player needs to sleep in order to take some rest. And take some rest means that you have to waste your time in sleeping instead of making profit for yourself and also you will lose upto 10% of your money. In order to protect yourself from this situation, just wait until your character yawns and when he yawns, open your journal.

Stardew Valley Cheat Codes

Cheat For Unlimited Money

Unlimited money is all everybody needs in game. Money is used to buy equipments for farming. In order to fill the inventory, player can use the unique numerical codes given in square box in the game itself. Whenever the game uses the players numerical code, the item will automatically be placed in player’s inventory.

Stardew Valley Cheat Codes

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