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Stellaris is a grand strategy video game. It was developed and published by Paradox Development Studio and Paradox Interactive respectively. It is a space exploration game. It was first released on 9th May 2016 for macOS, linux and windows and later was released for PlayStation and Xbox.

Game Play

Stellaris is a real time game. It’s gameplay revolves around space exploration and space warfare with space faring civilization. At the starting of the game player was supposed to help research duties, but later they got indulged in space warfare. This game is the best for the new beginning in space exploration games.

Stellaris Cheat Codes

We present to you a list of the cheat codes which advances you in the Stellaris game.

Stellaris Cheat Codes

To show the ID of the planet, population and leaders, player needs to use “debugtooltip” cheat code.

To get the specified number of energy loans- cash(number)

To get the specified amount of minerals to Stellaris- mineral(number of mineral you need)

Allows you to get influence points- influence(number)

To get the indicated number of unity points- unity(number)

This cheat code adds social research points to Stellaris- society (number)

To add Engineering Research Points- engineer(number)

To add Physical Research Points- physics(number)

Adds a certain amount of the specified resource to you in Stellaris- resource(number)

Stellaris Cheat Codes

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