Guild Wars 2 Class Rankings Everything You Need To Know

Guild Wars 2 is equally loved by those who played Guild Wars. The role-playing gaming community appreciate this game pretty well. Fans of Role-playing games need to check this game out. That’s why we are going to give information regarding some Profession class ranking.

The Warrior Profession

For the beginner, this is the best profession to choose as it’s exceptionally simple to play while still holding its own in battle. It is ranked in No. 9. There are two subclasses of it which are Berserker subclass converts them into fresh damage dealers and the Spellbreaker subclass is developed to interrupt enemy attackers.

guild wars 2 class rankings

The only problem players encounter is that it’s lengthened thin in too many directions as the result of being versatile leads to losing its effectiveness. The key tip for Warrior Profession players is that to keep the opponent concentrated on themself and counter as many attacks as possible.

The Revenant Profession

They are considered as interesting. The reason behind it that they can assist their comrades with powerful auras while inducing unrest for their enemies with AOE attacks. It belongs to rank 7.

guild wars 2 class rankings

It’s kind of hard to play as there is a lot of resource players need to manage. If players played well then it can be powerful. The key tip for Revenant Profession players is that decides to either support comrades or harm opponents and glue with that position.

The Necromancer Profession

guild wars 2 class rankings

It is considered as masters of battle manipulation because they can muster minions their dirty job. If players are playing in PvE mode then it is independent and can solo just about anything. It is ranked in no. 5. The only issue with it is that if players want to finish fights rapidly and move on then it can be obstructing.

The key tip for Necromancer Profession players is that to understand when to attack, punish the enemy, or support comrades. And also understand how to read a battleground and respond consequently.

The Guardian Profession

This Profession is speculated to be the class of the developers. It is ranked as Number 3. They are important as they can keep themselves and their comrades alive.

guild wars 2 class rankings

The only default in it is that they manage to be a niche in battle. It is not big deal for many players. The Key tip for Guardian Profession players is to believe the healers in the squad to keep them alive and concentrate all their efforts and attention on mitigating opponent damage outcome.

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