Our Best Collection Of Bisexual Male Models For the Pride Month

Bisexuality is about romantic feelings towards both men and women. It may also be defined as the attraction towards a human despite of his gender or sex. Bisexual is also known as pansexual and many people are proud of themselves being bisexual. Bisexuality is still not considered as good in many parts of the world. But, in this pride month, we’ll going to show some of the male bisexual models who opened up about their sexuality proudly.

Bisexual Male Models

1. Alan Cumming

Alan cumming is famous for his role in the television show The Good Wife. He’s the first gay in entertainment world. He married with actress Hilary Lyon but they both divorced. And now he’s going to marry Grant Shaffer, graphic designer.

Bisexual Male Models

2. David Bowie

David Bowie came out of the closet in1976. But later he regretted his decision. He said that came out as bisexual was his biggest mistake in life and also led a bisexual life in America was much more difficult than being a bisexual in Europe.

Bisexual Male Models

3. Ezra Miller

He’s considered as the youngest face in Hollywood as bisexual. Ezra Miller was just 25 when he identified himself as bisexual. Miller was being attacked and physically assaulted by some homophobes when he was in middle school.

Bisexual Male Models

4. Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is a successful youtuber. He confessed about him being a bisexual in front of his 6 million subscribers. Now he has crossed almost 17 million subscribers in youtube. At first, he faced many criticism but now people loves him the way he is. He opened up about how difficult to be in a bisexual community. But now he has settled with his boyfriend Ryland Adams.

Bisexual Male Models

5. Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz is known for his love songs. But he wants the world to know his love for bisexual. He realised his sexuality after his marriage, and his wife supported him in this step of his life. He identified himself as bisexual at the age of 41.

Bisexual Male Models

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