Music plays a major role in our lives. Without music, life feels so incomplete. We express our feelings and emotions through music. That’s why we are going to talk about which loves music as we do.

What is Anywhere fm?

fm anywhere is a company that offers a platform for the intention of data storage and cloud storage. We can understand that it gives a cloud-based platform for 

  • uploading music
  • playing music
  • sharing music.

In 2007, this company was founded by Anson Tsai, Luziou Chen, and Sachin Rekhi in San Francisco, California, United States.

What are the features of

fm anywhere

It permits users to upload music arrays onto their site and play it from anywhere on the web.  It gives users the iTunes-like music player and social networking options. Imeem decides to do a young Startup with

It was a great achievement for as one of the veteran social music services decided to do Start up with them. This news was known in 2008 when they were completed in less than a year.

fm anywhere

Founders of decided to shake hands with Imemm and proceed to work on their iTunes-style music player at Imeem’s San Francisco office. Earlier it needed a solid monetization method for its success even though it had promising upload and player interfaces according to users. This problem is resolved with the help of Imeem.  

fm anywhere

This caused great happiness for users as it can enable users to stream any of 5 million songs from their friends for free. Now the Users can upload their entire iTunes, WinAmp, or Windows Media Player libraries in one single click. Imeem decides to bring ad-supported music. If their plan succeeds then it can give many benefits for both parties from the startup project.

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