Beastars is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki. The manga was published by Akita Shoten in Weekly Shonen Champion magazine.  The anime television series is directed by Shin’ichi Matsumi. Season 1 of the anime adaptation by Orange studio was aired from  October to December 2019 on Fuji TV.

New Season After Beastars Episode 8 Announced

A second season got premiered on January 2021. The anime is licensed by Netflix. The first season got premiered outside of Japan in March 2020,and the second season will get premiered on July 2021.

Beastars is not an anime full of animals, it revolves round the anthromorphic animal society. In this society a social divide is made between carnivores and herbivores.

The show has bagged a number of  awards, since it started airing. We will just have a look into the details  of  Beastars episode 8.

Beastars Season 2 Episode 8 Release Date

The episode 8 of  Beastars Season 2 was released on 25th February 2021 on Netflix Japan.

Beastars Season 2 Episode 8 Plot

In episode 7, Legoshi finds out that, it is Riz who ate Tem. Riz threatens Legoshi, that he will kill him, if he reveals the secret.

Episode eight was a beautiful and calm one. The story of Sheila and Peach is quiet interesting. It is amazing to see how social media becomes a part of their world.  It is nice to see how herbivores and carnivores coming together.

The girls are having a nice time together, going out shopping. They could understand more about each other. Their  friendship seems to be similar to that of Riz and Tem.

Again students of Cherryton wants integration, whereas the adults are in favour of segregation. But one student who is in favour of segregation is Juno. She does not see herbivores and carnivores as equals. She might change her opinion after meeting Haru.

When Juno has the feeling that herbivores are superior, Louis considers them as weakness. Legoshi  is  getting his training with Gouhin. Legoshi is trying to fight like a herbivore than like a carnivore. He is fighting with his limbs, without making use of his fangs.

Let us wait for the new episodes.

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