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Are you familiar with Shanquella’s recent video? The video was uploaded to social media several days ago. The video became viral worldwide . Shaquella, aged 25, was attacked and then died from unknown causes.

Mexico was the victim of this crime. The police will not use the evidence as a means of finding out the cause of her death. Shanquella Robinson Full-Video.

Was this an incident?

The disturbing footage shows Shanquella unaware of the attack and undressed. Shanquella was shown being brutally beat by the attacker. The attacker was too much for Shanquella.

The video shows Shanquella being severely hit, punched and slamming by an identifiable woman. Robinson was completely helpless, lying on the floor. It is interesting to note that Shanquella was also suggested by a man who recorded the actual points.

Robinson was UN-concussed several times after Robinson’s hitting and punching.

Footage of Cctv

Shanquella’s friends called Shanquella and informed her that she had lost her life due to alcohol positioning. Bernard and Salamandra Shanquella believed their daughter was murdered after viewing the video. They also said that it was not natural.

The autopsy of Shanquella was performed by the investigating authority. According to the autopsy reports Shanquella’s neck was and spine was broken. The US Department of State now investigates the matter and checks the CCTV visuals. The US Department also begins an official investigation.

Tiktok VideoSearch

The Cabo video has been uploaded to social media. The video was also uploaded on Tiktok, a social media platform. Many TikTok users have posted the video with the tag “This girl beat Shanquella Robinson.”

The video was already viewed by 1.2 Million users. Unfortunately, the video cannot be uploaded due to technical problems.

View the other platforms.

The news was also posted on Insta . Another social media newspaper “Punch” has published a report regarding Robinson’s passing. This online newspaper published the headline and Robinson’s picture.

Punch has posted all the incident report details on the right-hand side.

According to another report, Kyrie Irving, the famous basketball player donated 65000 USD after seeing this incident.

Twitter is also spreading the news about death. Shanqualla’s information has been shared many times by users. In the meantime, a “Shanquella’s Go Fund Me” group has also been created. This social media account reveals that the account already has a 128,000 USD fund. On this social media account, some people created a group calling for justice for Shaquella.

Another video uploaded to this platform shows that the video was planned before the beating video.

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Many people also find Shanquella news on other social media.

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