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Facebook Employee reveals Zuckerberg planned in 2018 to ‘Inflict Pain’ on Apple: Report

An off the record source claimed that Mark Zuckerberg kept his point of inflicting pain on Apple, to his staffs in 2018. Since few months the situations between Zuckerberg and Tim Cook has been worst and is still continuing. Likewise, the exertion between the two started bumping up when the CEO of Apple Tim Cook’s interview to the midst of Cambridge Analytica got broadcasted. In the interview he said that the Apple will never be at the same position where Facebook is.This interview was enough for Zuckerberg to explode. As a reply to it, he commented Cook’s interview “extremely glib”.

Facebook Employee reveals Zuckerberg planned in 2018 to 'Inflict Pain' on Apple: Report



Facebook VS Apple

In the past month, Apple announced that they are planning for launching a new feature in IOS which will restrict certain apps from shadowing user’s data. In those certain apps he also took name of Facebook. Responding to it Zuckerberg took stand and said that this could be a loss and can destroy it’s advertising business.

In this present scenario, The Wall Street Journal came up with it’s report. This report stated that the CEO of the most prominent social media company uttered his team that ‘We need to inflict pain’.

It has been a hype that Facebook might ready an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. Although it’s still not confirmed that Facebook will proceed with it or not. But the legal battle may take place between the two.

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