How to Fix Lg Ims Has Stopped How do I fix Ims Service Has Stopped?

Are you interested in learning How to fix the Lg Ims has stopped in depth? This article gives you detailed details about the problem. Scroll down to the end.

Do you want to resolve the Lg Ims problem? If you own an Android smartphone, or are an LG customer, you might have seen a pop-up window which reads “Sadly that the LG Ims app has stopped.” LG IMS is an application that lets users to benefit from the integration of mobile phones and web-based services.

A number of United States users have reported that LG Ims is malware and connected it with illegal data transfers between Android phones and other organizations. Read on to discover the solution to How to Fix LG Ims’s Absence.

What is the solution to “Sadly LG-IMS suspended” question?

  • Uninstall programs that have been Updated This is the LG IMS box may appear during the process of updating or downloading applications. In the settings, users can view all loaded apps and determine if they have been have recently upgraded. The issue with messaging may be fixed once this has been completed.
  • Utilize the Hidden-Panel feature to modify the IP-Version so that you can avail the hidden option. Enter 277634. #*#. Then , locate “IP Version” and click it. Change your “IPV6V4” alternative in order to “IPV4V6.” When the warning notification “Sadly LG IMS has paused” persists, you are able to switch off flight mode and activate it after the changes to the hidden panel are completed.

How do I fix Ims Service Has Stopped?

A lot of people within America United Statesfear Factory wiping their phone because it involves reseting the phone. However in the event that none of the above options is working, you can Factory reset the phone and the warning will appear once more. Resetting your phone in this manner can erase all your personal information. We recommend taking backups of everything important prior to making this change.

Rebooting with the side button or the device’s settings is two options for Factory Resetting Smartphone devices. Backup and reset can be located under settings > general tabs > backup and Restore. If your phone informs you that it is erased data. Wait until the process is completed and then resets your device.

How to Repair Lg Ims been unable to function

Reduce the LG-IMS As mentioned earlier the LG-IMS is an essential basis; without it users won’t be able use Wi-Fi and VoLTE for calling. If none of the above options are working, you can try to deactivate it according to the steps given. The technique 5 can be used to avoid a task you don’t wish to do. You can enter 277634#*# in order to access the hidden panel. Choose Field-test > Modem-settings > VoLTE off or on by selecting the option. Turn off IMS and restart your device. This will resolve the issue.

In analyzing how to fix the LG Ims keeps From 2022, we found that the most effective method is downloading the Custom or Stock ROM. Installing an original or custom ROM to a gadget that has lesser technical knowledge could be difficult. You can pick which you want to flash, however we recommend sticking with the default Rom.


LG Electronics, Inc. has created LG IMS to supply phones with the finest multimedia experience. With this system, customers have seamless connections between all the features offered by their phones. Although, currently, a lot of users have this problem, they can resolve the issue by following the following guide.

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