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According to sources, four University of Idaho, Moscow students had been brutally murdered on Sunday, 13th of November 2022. Police continue to search for the suspect in this case. Recent reports suggest that the students were killed while they were asleep. Police found bloody marks on the walls of the students which could indicate that the student who murdered them was angry. There were also reports that students tried to prevent their deaths but failed. Although many people have been interviewed by police to try to locate the clue, they have not yet found anything.

What was the Reddit post that related to the killing of the victim?

On the day of the murder, four students were seen near a food truck close to their campus. According to the driver of the food truck, the students seemed normal and not in distress. The students seemed to be having a normal conversation while enjoying their food. After some time it was revealed that these students had been murdered. The killer of these students is still at large. This Video is now available on all major social media platforms, including Reddit. Many people commented and shared their opinions on this post. People have expressed grief at the passing of the students.

Who were these students?

The killing involved four students. Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chaping; Madison Mogen 21; Xana Kernodle 20, Kaylee Goncalves 21. The four of them were most often seen together. Jeffrey Kernodle, Xana Kernodle’s dad, stated that he talked with his daughter in her final moments. He stated that the killing of her daughter didn’t make any sense, as she was just hanging out with her roommates. So it is possible that Xana’s friends could have been the killer. Xana’s father examined the autopsy report. He stated that Xana was most likely to have fought the killer but failed.

What details has the police found in relation to this case?

According to police, the officers are still trying to find the man responsible for this assassination. However, the police haven’t been able to find any significant clues to the case. They aren’t able to locate the blade that was used to kill the students nor any other suspect. According to police, the knife that was used to murder the students at the Crime Scene was likely of military origin. Police also created a map showing the timeline for each student. This map showed that the students spent most of their time apart from one another and then finally met in their homes. Two other female students were also in the house at the time of the murder. This is the most surprising part about this case. They were not hurt and they were the ones to call 911. The police asked them for any clues, but they didn’t know. Police suspect them of being witnesses.

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