Pokemon Gen 2 Grass Types And Everything You Need To Know

After the success of the first generation Pokemon of the  Pokémon franchise , the publications have come up with a new generation of Pokemon with better designs and features to fulfil the demands of the audience. The new generation comes up with a whole new region of power and balance. The new movesets and stats is something you were waiting for.

Pokemon Gen 2

The second generation of the Pokemon series has come up with 100 fictional species set in the Johto region. The species introduced in this generation are adaptations from the  Pokémon Gold and Silver franchise. The two new types are “Dark” and “Steel”. The two new sets are made to battle against attacks with better gameplay.

Pokemon Gen 2 Grass Types

These sets are immune to fight against psychic attacks. A new concept of Breeding has also been introduced, allowing players to manipulate the skills to Pokémon to  larger extent as compared to the previous generation. This was first introduced in Nintendo Space World but with time it has evolved to a larger map with 40+ Pokemon designs. Gen 3.

Grass Type Pokemon Leads

There is a misconception that the grasstype Pokémons have low stats. But the truth is that a grasstype Pokemon adds to your robust lineup to a greater extent. We have prepared a list of the best Gen 2 Grasstype Pokemons;

  • Chikorita: This is a powerful asset and the most important feature is that you can change it into Bayleef and level 16 and Meganium at level 32. It can easily learn powerful moves like Razor leaf, body slam and Solar beam.
  • Bellossom: Dance is a ritual goes for him. He can learn solar beam levelling up that becomes a one turn move.
  • Bayleef: This Pokemon grows in size and power and can take immense damage against Water types, Ground types  and rock types, It has a long neck and leaves around its neck.

Pokemon Gen 2 Grass Types

  • Victreebel: This is a dual type Pokemon and is evolved from Weepinbell with a Leaf stone.
  • Vileplume: It has the largest petals and can shake heavy cloud of toxic pollen.
  • Exeguttor: It throws Normal type move egg bomb, that is rarely learnt by all the other Pokemons.

Pokemon Gen 2 Grass Types

  • Meganium: This is powerful starting Pokemon.
  • Celebi: It is the guardian of the Illex Forest and is the most powerful grass type Pokemon with moves like Magical Leaf, Future sight and Leaf storm.

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