Jackson Smith And Meg White Love Affair And Pregnancy ?

Megan Martha white, or Meg White, is an American former musician and singer. She is well known for her work as drummer in The White Stripes. Her music career began when she played Jack White’s drum in 1997.


On the Bastille day of 1997, Meg tried playing Jack’s drum. Jack was amazed about her minimalist drumming. He wanted to work with her and after 2 months they both started working together and started calling themselves The White Stripes. They dressed only in red, white and black and introduced themselves as siblings in public and started underground rock music. They both got famous from their band and started new bands. They split up somehow and in 2011, Meg ended her professional music career, after the disbanding of The White Stripes band.

Jackson Smith And Meg White

Personal Life

Meg married twice in her life. But none of the marriage lasts long. She divorced with both of her husbands.

Jack White And Meg White

Jack White and Meg white married in the year 1996, when they were at the peak popularity of their band. Both the artists came close to eachother due to this band only. But their marriage didn’t lasts long. Meg and Jack officially parted their ways on 24 March 2002.

Jackson Smith And Meg White

Jackson Smith And Meg White

In may 2009, Meg White tied knots with guitarist Jackson Smith. Jackson Smith is the son of musicians Patti Smith and Fred Sonic Smith. Jackson and Meg married in a small ceremony at Jack White’s backyard in Nashville, Tennessee. They both divorced in 2013.

Jackson Smith And Meg White

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