Tattoos are so popular nowadays.  Even though many parents love their kids having a tattoo still it’s always been a way to express ourselves. There are times when we regret our decision of having a tattoo just like Nick Cannon Mariya tattoo.

 Nick Cannon new tattoos

One of the best host Nick Cannon is open about showing his good build body to his fans. He had dedicated a tattoo for his ex-wife and Singer Mariah Carey during their relationship. He had a tattoo which read Mariah which is a huge black tattoo on his back.

mariah tattoo nick cannon

Last time we see that tattoo when he did Ice Bucket Challenge in which he was shirtless on Instagram. They were rumours that they were going to be divorced which were true. 

The evidence of it was seen when his Mariah tattoo was replaced by an eye-catching new crucifixion tattoo. It was first seen when he was doing his workout in Studio City, Calif. This tattoo shows us the elaborate image of Jesus on the cross with angel wings. According to the source, he had to spend painful hours in the chair.

mariah tattoo nick cannon

Mariah Tattoo Nick Cannon relationship details

After six weeks of dating, Mariah and Nick get married secretly in the Bahamas in 2008. Three years later they welcomed twins Moroccan and Monroe. They refer to their twins affectively Dem Babies.

According to some source, Nick tried his best to save their relationship and hoped for a second chance but it failed. She had made up her mind about divorcing Nick. 

Mariah Tattoo Nick Cannon Tattoos , Relationship And Everything You Need To Know

There were times when he defends his wife against a furore of divorce rumours by saying 

I will always love her unconditionally for this and so much more. @MariahCarey is an amazing Mother and I trust her wholeheartedly… — Nick Cannon (@NickCannon) September 3, 2014


Despite everything, the couple decided to break up. They are both focused on their career and fans.

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