Did you know Weezer will be performing live at Broadway Theatre in New York, United States. Did you know Weezer just released their new album? Would you like to see the details of Weezer’s latest album?

Would you like details about the Broadway Theatre’s live performance? Would you like customer feedback on Weezer’s new album? You can also check out the Weezer Summer Review.

Weezer SZNZ Album:

Weezer just released his SZNZ Summer Album. The SZNZ Project began in quarter-1, 2022. SZNZ will release the album in four installments. Each release has a name that is inspired by four seasons. The first part SZNZ:Spring was released in March 2022.

  • MIXED FEEDBACK provided four YouTube reviews as well as more than 20 site reviews.
  • Five hundred and ten reviews from customers had also given MIXED feedback and rated the album at 4.1/5 stars.
  • The tweet about the Broadway Theatre event received 610 LIKES and was retweeted an additional 83 times. 63 people also commented on the post.

Weezer sznz Summer Feedback:

  • Some Twitter comments indicated mixed opinions about the $130 price tag for tickets. It seems too high.
  • Some users wanted confirmation that songs from two unreleased albums could be performed.
  • Customer review websites had negative reviews that were linked to the old-style of the music album.
  • According to user reviews, the SZNZ Summer album was not a success.
  • Some users didn’t like tracks 2 and 3. Some users also had issues with the album’s banner and filming.

Weezer summer 

The album contains seven tracks that run for 23 minutes, 37 seconds. The album is available for purchase on Spotify, AppleMusic and other websites. You can find the following songs:

  1. Lawn Chair (2:05 minutes)
  2. Blue Like Jazz (3:13 minutes)
  3. What’s the good of being good (4:03 minutes).
  4. Thank You, Good Night (4:06 min)
  5. Records (3:29 min)
  6. The Opposite Of Me (3.31 minutes)
  7. Cuomoville (3:17 minutes)

Broadway Theatre Performances Schedule:

  • 13th-Sep-2022 @ 8 PM-Spring
  • 14th-Sep-2022 @ 8 PM-Summer
  • 16th-Sep-2022 @ 8 PM-Autumn
  • 17th-Sep-2022 @ 8 PM-Winter
  • 18th Sep-2022 at 7PM- Encore, featuring songs from Weezer’s Summer Album.

SZNZ Weezer Cast Members:

  • Pat Wilson (drums),
  • Rivers Cuomo (guitar, vocals, piano),
  • Scott Shriner (bass, backing vocals), and
  • Weezer is Brian Bell (guitar, backing vocals).

SZNZ Weezer Creative Team:

  • ProducerARACA. EBG Presents. Live Nation. Rosewood Music.
  • Press Agent:The Oriel Company.


Weezer fans eagerly await Broadway performanceannounced at SZNZ: The Summer. Weezer will be performing unique classics, as well songs from other seasons of SZNZ. The ticket sale will open at 10 AM EST on the 24th June 2022. The sale ends 30 minutes before the performance. Children under 4 years old are not allowed to attend the event.


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