One Punch Man Season 3: When is the anime releasing?

The amazing story of One-Punch Man is available in almost every form now. A webcomic, Manga, Anime series, Movie adaptation, Video Game, its available in all the forms. The love it gets from fans is the reason why so many adaptations of the story have been produced. And all the credit for this goes to ONE and Yasuke Murata, the writer and illustrator of the series.

The anime series of the show is available in two seasons now, but the question is- will the series be renewed for third season?

Plot of One-Punch Man

ONE’s story introduces us to a self strained man Saitama, who develops the ability to defeat his opponent with a single punch. His character is written as a flexible person who can adapt to his changing surroundings, but he faces mundane hindrances in his life like lack of money. Saitama is also bored fighting evil guys as none of them is a challenge to him and never survive his punch.

That is until he faces Alien Boros who attacks the world. He joins hero association that admits superheroes to fight of the evil. However due to his low ranking in the test he is given a low post and is not recognised by people initially. Rest of the chapters or episode follow his journey fighting the bad guys and facing different obstacles down that road.

One-Punch Man Season 3

Despite gaining recognition and huge fan following, the show has not been renewed for season three yet. First two seasons of the show had a gap of over four years between them, despite that, both of them were successful and highly praised. Its been almost two years since the second season aired. But noticing the gap between first two seasons, the fans are keeping their hopes high and eagerly waiting for a renewal.

It is not hard to anticipate the story line of third season as the manga is already way ahead in storyline. It can be promised that the third season will be packed with a lots of action and villains. As there is no official cancellation of the renewal as well the fans are staying positive. As the One punch man’s audience keeps increasing, so does it’s fan following.

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