Fania Records Co-Founded and a Great Salsa inspirational Jhonny Pacheco Dies at 85

Jhonny Pacheco, the idol of salsa, and  the cofounder of Fania Records, dies at 85. He was the music director, producer and composer of salsa, which is a mixture of Cuban mambo, guaracha, cha cha cha, Puerto Rican rhythms and Dominican meringue Pacheco was a co-founder of Fania Records, and a backer of many music stars like Ruben Blades, Willie Colon and Celia Cruz.Pacheco had been admitted in a New York hospital due to pneumonia, his wife Maria Elena “Cuqui” Pacheco stated  on his personal FB account.  Pacheco died on February 15, 2021. He is survived by his wife and four children.

Pacheco Remembered

Fania Reccords made a tweet that Pacheco was the man who was most responsible for the salsa music, and that he was a great visionary and his music will live forever.

Ruben Blades, in his post on social media says that  Pacheco has left us with an important musical legacy, which is represented by all the collaborations he made during his career.Marc Anthony, the great singer responded to the loss of Pacheco, by calling him as the “maestro of maestros” and a good friend. Anthony also wrote that Pacheco’s sense of humor was contagious and he was always grateful for Pacheco’s support in his life.

Jhonny Pacheco: Early Life

Fania Records Co-Founded and a Great Salsa inspirational Jhonny Pacheco  Dies at 85Pacheco was born into a family of musicians , on 25th March 1935.  The family moved from Dominican Republic to New York in 1940s. Pacheco learnt himself accordion, violin, saxophone, clarinet and also percussion .He formed Chululecos Boys with many famous musicians in 1954. His life completely changed after he found Fania Records with Jerry Masucci as his partner in 1963. Pacheco has received the Latin Recording Academy Music Excellence Award in 2005.He was nominated for several Grammy awards. His music and legacy will continue to inspire people all over the world. Let his soul rest in peace.

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