One Punch Man Chapter 150 is a manga series that belongs to the superhero franchise that has been created by ONE, the artist. The manga series debuted in the year 2009, while a remake of the same was published by Shueisha in the year 2014. In 2017, the series went on a hiatus until it resumed publication in April of 2019.

The series is written by ONE and illustrations are provided by Yusuke Murata. It currently boasts 149 solid chapters which are dispersed across 23 volumes. The most recent chapter was released earlier this month and One Punch Man Chapter 150 is expected, and since it ended on a cliffhanger there is immense anticipation surrounding the release of the next chapter.

One Punch Man Chapter 150: When Will it Release?

The Premise of One Punch Man Chapter 150

The setting of the series is on a supercontinent Earth, where a millionaire by the name of Agori creates a Hero Association in order to combat the havoc that is being created by monsters and villains. The series follows Saitama, who also happens to be the titular character, as the protagonist of the series. Having trained himself to the point where he has the ability to knock enemies out with a single punch, he initially remains unassociated with the Hero Association.

One Punch Man Chapter 150: When Will it Release?

He then happens to meet and mentor Genos, a cyborg on a quest to avenge his family’s death. Saitama and Genos decide to join the Hero Association, but Saitama gets placed at a low-entry rank due to his lackluster performance in the written test. The series hereon introduces the rivals of the Hero Association, namely, the Monster Association and Garo, a rogue martial artist, and a series of subsequent battles ensue.

One Punch Man Chapter 150: When Will it Release?

After the Hero Association’s poor performance in a battle due to their overconfidence, they lose the public’s trust despite Saitama salvaging the battle by defeating Garo. Owing to this, many heroes either retire or join the Neo Heroes, who are a group of flourishing heroes that seem to be handling the ongoing conflict with the monsters in a more formidable manner. What lies ahead forms a large part of the series’ subsequent events.

Who Are The Prime Characters of The Show: One Punch Man Chapter 150?

The two main characters of the show are Saitama and Genos.

  • Saitama: Saitama, dubbed the One Punch Man, is the titular character of the show. He is a bald-headed 25-year-old man, who claims he ventured towards the life of a superhero for the fun of it. His powers mainly entail physical abilities possessed by regular humans, however, these are exponentially magnified to unfathomable measures. As is evident from his superhero name, his prime power is his strength, having the ability to know out opponents with a single punch, along with speed, stamina, and durability serving as his side powers.
  • Genos: Genos, a 19-year-old cyborg, is considered to be a disciple of sorts to Saitama. A few years prior to the events of the series, his family was killed by Mad Cyborg, after which Genos was modified by Dr. Kuseno into a cyborg with destructive capabilities. He also lives together with Saitama and considers him to be his master, despite ranking higher in the Hero Association entrance examination.

Apart from Saitama and Genos, the series houses multiple characters in One Punch Man Chapter 150, most of them belonging to the Hero Association. Some of these characters are:

  • Blast, a superhero with the ability to use a superhero suit. He is considered to be the top superhero of the Hero Association.
  • Tornado, a superhero whose primary powers include psychic abilities such as telekinesis and levitation.
  • Bang, an expert martial artist.
  • Atomic Samurai, who possesses incredible skills with his Katana.
  • Child Emperor, a 10-year-old genius inventor, who fights via robots.
  • Metal Knight, a scientist who also uses robots to fight.
  • King, a superhero with no powers, who got inducted into the Hero Association due to a misconception.
  • Zombieman, an immortal hero with regenerative abilities.
  • Drive Knight, a one-eyed cyborg shrouded in mystery.
  • Pig God, who possesses superhuman durability owing to his multiple layers of fat.
  • Superalloy Blackluster, a superhero with great physical strength and impeccable durability.
  • Watchdog Man, a superhero with incredible strength.
  • Flashy Flash, who possessed super-speed and incredible sword skills.

There are multiple other characters in One Punch Man Chapter 150 , belonging to different superhero classes as well as staff members, that are present and introduced throughout the series. For a detailed look into the full list of characters, fans can read here.

When Will One Punch Man Chapter 150 be Releasing?

Ever since the series came off-hiatus, the publications have been happening regularly, with two chapters being released every month. Since Chapter 149 was released earlier this month and the creator has not announced any hiatus, it can almost certainly be said that Chapter 150 would release by the end of July 2020, although an exact date isn’t known.

Where can the Series be Read?

One Punch Man Chapter 150: When Will it Release?

The One Punch Man Chapter 150 manga is available for readers to access digitally through multiple online platforms. The most assured websites are Viz Media and Manga Plus. The series can also be read by downloading the official Shonen Jump app, and a few selected chapters can be read for free without having to purchase a subscription. Subscription is inevitable if one wants to read the entire series. Apart from these, there are multiple websites that may provide free access, however, it cannot be assured if these are safe or legitimate.

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