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Mushoku Tensei  manga is adapted by Yuka Fujikawa, from a light novel series of same name. The first volume of the series was released in October 2014. The anime based on the same novel is to be released soon too.

Mushoku Tensei: Plot

This is a story of a man who is reincarnated with all the memories from his past life, making him much more knowledgeable and experienced than others even at the age of 2. He is given a second chance by reincarnating. He pledges to use his knowledge and wisdom for the best and live this second life with no regrets whatsoever.

The story is admired for its character development and plot arch. The decisions the protagonist makes in his second life are a treat to watch.

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 75 Release Date and Timings

Since the manga is scheduled for monthly release, it releases a new chapter every month, According to Japanese Standard Time, the 75th chapter of the manga will be released at 12 Am in Japan. The date the wait ends for the fans is 9 September 2021.

The raw scans and spoilers for the chapter start circulating a few days earlier, where as the english translations take a few days to be released.

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 75 Read online

Media Factory’s website releases the episodes at scheduled timings every month. This is one official way of reading the manga and enjoying it without any faulty edits.

 Seven Seas Entertainment is another platform where the manga is released and updated monthly. For international readers, the translated manga is available in English as well.

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