Zerogravity Playpkxd Com The latest ZeroGravity updates:

PK XD Zero Gravity by the PKXD Team is a popular game for role-playing. A countdown was held on the PKXD website to reveal the new version. Are you eager to find out what updates ZeroGravity has?

Are you one of millions of players from India, Brazil, Indonesia and Mexico who want to see the latest update? Let’s find out more about zerogravity

About focuses exclusively on the ZeroGravity video game. The webpage was launched to include the countdown for the upcoming version of the ZeroGravity game. As the countdown has ended and the latest version is available for installation, does not have much to offer except three image links to the same Instagram page.

Legitimacy of is a legitimate website as it achieved an average 50% Trust Score, an excellent business ranking of 100%, and a good Alexa rank of 319,539. It also scored low in the suspicion profile with a 10% zerogravity score. There was also a 1% profile on malware, 0% profile on spam, and 3% profile on threat and scam profiles.

The latest ZeroGravity updates:

  • A gossip girl is depicted as a NPC. She stood next to a cake stand, which showed ap kicks the sapling and roller blades, among other things.
  • As we can see a robot floating through the fountain, the PKXD fountain gave clues about the ‘Zero Gravity update.
  • The focused on two teams and hashtags #teamvault and #teamflames,
  • Each team has a logo imprinted on their tshirts, caps, backpacks and flags.
  • updates has new race tracks, codes for space armor, and a subscription that offers lots of coins.
  • Surprisingly though, no such update is available for Android. The PKXD app was updated on the 1st of June 2022 at Google Play Store.

Features of

Zerogravity pages form part of It was registered in the USA at 7 April 2020. The website was last modified on 8 April 2022. It is a two-year, two-month and four-day old website. Website has a long lifespan as it expires nine months and twenty-six day after its initial launch.

Information on . uses a valid HTTPS protocol, and its IP has a valid SSL certificate for the next 79 days. has two servers that are located in the USA. It is not known who the website owner is or their contact details. However, PlayKid, an Brazilian film company, has been identified as the owner.

Conclusion: page was initially used for promoting the Zero Gravity update of the PKXD game and included a countdown. contains the latest ZeroGravity version that can be downloaded. Zerogravity Playpkxd com reviews conclude that seems a legitimate website as it has an average Trust Score, excellent Business and Alexa Ranking, and scored low on suspicion profile.

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