Skyrim Cheat Codes xbox360 Latest Update And Everything You Need to Know

The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim is a action roleplaying video game developed by Bethesda Game Studio. It is the 5th in series of The Elder Scroll. It was released in 2011 for Microsoft windows, Play Station 3 and Xbox 360.

The games story revolves around a character Dragonborn, handle by player to defeat the World Eater, a dragon who wants to destroy the world. The fifth installment of The Elder Scroll takes place in Skyrim.

The player can roam freely on the landscape of the game. Player can travel on horseback, by walking or running. And if they discover a new land, the land will add in the map. Eighteen different kind of skills provided them to interest with world. Some skills are particularly used for combat like magic based, destruction etc. According to the performance, the skills level up.Skyrim Cheat Codes xbox360 Latest Update And Everything You Need to Know

Graphics Of The Game 

Skyrim uses a new engine developed by Bethesda itself, called as Creation Engine, for the graphic of this game. It is capable to implement features like realistic or uneven weather, environment effects and flowing of water.

How to use Cheat Codes on Xbox360 

To use cheat codes, you should have skyrim for both xbox and pc. Export savefile from xbox to pc and change the file from ‘ .exs’ to ‘ .ess’ and put it in your save folder. Open Skyrim and use the consol command and modify it as per your need. Save and exit skyrim afterwards. Change the file from ‘ .ess’ to ‘ .exs’ and move it back onto the flashdrive using horizon. Take the flashdrive out and use the modified version in xbox.Skyrim Cheat Codes xbox360 Latest Updated with Everything You Need To Know.

Skyrim Cheat Codes Xbox360 

tgm: God mode

tcl: This allows you to walk through wallas

psb: For magic spells

player.setav speedmult 999: Boost up the speed

player.setlevel 99: Reach maximum level for the player

player.setcrimegold 0: Protect from bounty and reduce it to 0.

coc (location name): Instantly teleport player to the location feeded

player.advlevel: One level gain

saq: All quest starts at the same time

caqs: Complete all quests

move to qt: Instantly teleport to quest target

kill: To kill any character by targetting

killall: Kills everyone around you

tcai: Freezes enemies nearby

tdetect: Can steal without getting caught

setownership: Player can set their ownership to an item

unlock: To open any locked item

These cheat codes are used by players to play this game to complete the tasks given to them in an easier way.

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