How to get pink moonflower seeds in Nier replicant, everything you need to know

Moonflowers are one of the most tedious seedlings to harvest and there are variations of the seed it comes in pink, red, blue, and gold. But players have trouble finding and using the seeds so here’s a proper guide for it.

Where to find pink moonflower seed?

Like other seeds, these specific seeds aren’t available in the shop you can only get access to them by farming in a specific “Life in the Sands” side quest of Nier Replicant, on completion of the mission you’ll receive 10 pink moonflower seed. Another option for getting these are cross-breeding, mixing different seeds breeds to get the desired plant. Cross-breeding may get you a pink moonflower, peach moonflower, indigo moonflower, or a white moonflower.

How to get pink moonflower seeds in Nier replicant, everything you need to know!

A step-by-step guide to obtaining pink moonflower seeds:

  • Step 1 Upgrade your farming space and buy fertilizers: Ensure you have ample farming space, you can get extra space quickly by completing ‘Seed merchants’ quests, also buy fertilizers to speed up the process.
  • Step 2 the cross-breeding procedure: Now the main process starts you’ve to now cross-breed plants to get the pink moonflower the process is that you’ve to cross indigo moonflower with red moonflowers to obtain pink ones. With the extra space, you can plant 15 seedlings, buy 15 seedlings, and plant in the pattern of one after the other like, first a blue then gold, then repeat.
  • Step 3 planting for cross-breeding: You’ve now planted blue and gold, in two days’ time you’ll receive indigo moonflowers now you’ve to plant red and indigo together to get pink. Just like you planted blue and gold, plants red and indigo one after the other. Again wait for two days and voila! Harvest your pink moonflowers.

You’ll get seeds from Aerie Florist. Make sure you water the seeds properly and use fertilizers to increase your farm yield.

How to get pink moonflower seeds in Nier replicant, everything you need to know!

Cross-breed recipe at a glance:

Indigo moonflowers: Plant blue moonflowers with gold moonflowers

Red moonflowers: Directly plant red moonflowers

Blue moonflowers: Directly plant blue moonflowers

Gold moonflowers: Directly plant gold moonflowers

Pink moonflowers: Plant indigo moonflowers with red moonflowers

Peach moonflowers: Plant red moonflowers with gold moonflowers

White moonflowers: Plant pink moonflowers with peach moonflowers

Tip: You don’t actually have to wait for 2 days you can set your system’s time ahead and get it done instantly and make sure you’re offline while doing this process. Go to your PlayStation’s settings -> System -> scroll down to Date and Time -> change your time.

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