X box X series is scheduled for this week and fans are anticipating the release after the rapid sell-out everywhere. The supply is limited and here’s how you can get your hand on one.

X box X series:

This X box console series is part of the fourth generation of the Xbox family, this series is a powerful console for high-speed gaming and exciting entertainment with fast processing. These home-video-game consoles are developed by Microsoft and are in high demand and sell out as rapidly as they come. It was released in November 2020. This series has higher-end hardware and a marvelous 8k resolution.X box series X restock where to buy, best price everything you need to know!

Where to buy it?

The demand is quite high as compared to the supply, there are a lot of things hampering the production one major aspect being the COVID-19 pandemic. And this high demand will continue till there is a proper supply which won’t be solved till June 2021 says Mike Spencer from Microsoft. There are also new policies formed for the customers that for now, no customer can purchase more than one Xbox console.

With this shortage restocks are trying to be done quite quickly and one is expected this week so places, where you can grab the new console, are:

  • Amazon: Amazon is expected to restock the console soonest than any other, restock on 26th April,2020
  • Flipkart: Flipkart is next in line after amazon in the online market
  • Xbox.com: The xbox.com, Microsoft’s own store is also another reliable store to get your console from
  • Tatacliq
  • Games the shop: This is another great store for purchasing the new console, but in this store you’ve sign up and join the pre-order list first then you’ll be notified when the Xbox is available to buy.
  • Local retailers: There are many retailers that are pre-ordering the consoles so make sure to contact and check with them

X box series X restock where to buy, best price everything you need to know!

Best buy price for the console:

This restock according to the rumors is going to have the best deals and prices for the console you can get so keep tracking the news and release to get the best prices for your Xbox.

Price of Xbox X series in India: starts from ₹ 49,990

Best Prince till now: ₹ 49,990 on Amazon (26th April)

Even though both the competitors’ Sony and Microsoft released their products at the same time and are both facing the issues of restocking, Microsoft has released in India at the same time it did all over the world, and restocking consistently with the prices are also relatively similar, unlike the PS5, which hasn’t been restocked in the country for quite a while now, also this time the demand for Xbox is seeming to higher.

So make your you grab this amazing home video game console and explore the new features.

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