makes it easy to summarise any content. It makes the text more readable and compresses it. is the paraphrasing tool and summarizing tool that we review. Reviews

An online website that offers a variety of tools such as a paraphrasing and article rewriter, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, grammar-checker, and text summariser, .

These tools can be used by anyone. Below we’ll be discussing the paraphrasing and text summary tools of

Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing is an important skill for writers and students. Paraphrasing can be used to rewrite articles because it paraphrases the text without changing its meaning.

Paraphrasing Tools

The features of this tool are numerous. We’ll briefly discuss these features so everyone can understand them.

The Different Working Modes

This tool has four modes. Rephrasing content can only be done in one mode.

Click on the buttons at the top to select the mode you want.

Every mode works in a different way. Fluency mode can change sentences and words and increase the readability. Standard mode replaces only a few words.

Friendly and Simple Interface

Paraphrasing tools may have a complex interface. These tools are difficult to use by everyone. addressed this issue by creating a friendly interface so that anyone can easily edit their content.

It offers a textbox in which to paste text or upload files of no more that 400 words.

Simply upload your file and click on the “Paraphrase now” button. The paraphrased content will be available in just a few seconds.

Support Multilingual

Multi-language support is an incredible feature of this tool. You can also rephrase the content in a different language than English.

The tool has a lot ads that people don’t like. The word limit limit of 400 words is too small for paraphrasing.

Text Summarizer

Text summariser is an online tool that allows you to quickly summarize any article. This tool is mostly used for condensing long paragraphs into concise and short versions.

Many people try to cut out long content by using shortcuts. For concise content, the text summator will be a better option.

The Most Important Feature of Text Summarizer

Here are some key features of text summariser. You will understand why this tool is important to you after reading these features.

Free Access

You don’t need to log in to use this tool. You can also use it for free. It features a simple interface that you can use quickly.
Just click the “Summarize now” button once you’ve uploaded a file or wrote a text. You will get the summary result in just a few seconds.

Multiple Languages

You can use this tool to sum up the content in different . A summary can be created for content that is written in another language than English.

File Upload Supported

This tool also offers file upload support. It is possible to upload files from your computer if it becomes too difficult to manually copy and paste the content.

Summary is a way to lose the key information in an article. Sometimes readers don’t get the point of the text.


We will be reviewing two tools: the paraphrasing and text summarizing tools.

Next, we discussed the paraphrasing software and its main features, which included different working modes, a simple and friendly interface and support for multiple languages, as well as its disadvantages.

We’ll be looking at the text summaryr after the paraphrasing tool. Its main feature, including its free access and its drawbacks.


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