The Crypto market is highly examined in Russia as the Government of Russia which is under President Putin who is in power since 2012 is trying to prevent people from escaping using trickery the Taxes is the governments rights to take from people. People there are escaping the taxes using untraceable cryptocurrencies. Mr. Putin said in an interview a month before that It is too early to talk about oil contracts using cryptocurrencies. you can see the video below, so what does Mr. Putin want to do if he does not want Cryptocurrency in oil does he does not want anywhere ultimately for which the news on cryptos to be examined highly and prevent people from escaping taxes what will be his next step in Russia and will the other countries follow.

Russian Government’s New Scrutiny And Interview with Head Of FNS Mr Egorov

During an Interview, Danniil Egorov head of the Russian Federal Taxation Service (RNS) Expressed concerns about what the negative impact would be on the Russian National treasury if the Cryptocurrency is not monitored well. He also spoke that Decentralized crypto tokens can cause significant erosion on the Russian tax base. He is also trying to respond to Russian tax evasion as well.

Here's how Russian Government's New Scrutiny Measures For Crypto Market To Trace, Prevent Tax Evasion

A Russian media RBC group spoke that If we talk about Cryptos then the amount of grip that it has created in Russian individuals is fair to say that it will impact a significant erosion in the tax base. Egorov reveals plans automated tracking system to track big data volume. He also says it’s only a matter of time we track the untrackable.

Cryptocurrencies And Russian Government

technology nowadays is advanced so as the fraudsters who use to give services to people anonymously and the Russian hackers are already having big names we also had news last year that the Russian hackers were hacking Covid-19 Vaccine knowledge. They are very smart people. Russia has declared legal the cryptocurrency but not to be used as an exchange of goods or services.

Here's how Russian Government's New Scrutiny Measures For Crypto Market To Trace, Prevent Tax Evasion

It’s also in the news that cryptocurrencies taxation will be stitched by other countries as it’s happening in many countries now so countries will also follow Russia. For example, in our country, the Indian Finance Ministry has found out a committee to find out income made by crypto could be taxed if at all they are escaping they must be fought and legal procedures are taken. Similarly in USA President Biden has signed a law that includes tax reporting provisions applying to Cryptocurrencies.

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