How to Build Warframe Dry Dock: Latest Information

The Dry Dock allows to build and house Railjack  battleships in  Warframe. The ships go on special missions that involve  boarding hostile ships,space battles and involves much team work.

Building the warframe dry dock

To build the dry dock, the first step is  to download the Rising tide update. Then we have to login. Once you get inside the game, Oridis will send you a message which tells  that he has discovered a Dry dock schema which will be of interest to  you. Also this will be of interest to your fellow Tenno. A Railjack can be controlled by a single Tenno. Railjacks are big spacecrafts used by Tenno. These space crafts has got many weapony and defensive systems. Cephalon Cy is the navigator and executive officer of Railjack

warframe dry dock

You can build the dry dock by rallying your clan and by contributing the resources for its construction. Now it is upto Clan Dojo to build it.  Dry dock need to be build at the end of the long corridor.

Resources needed to build the dry dock

The following resources are needed to build the dry dock

  • 1 Forma
  • 850 Circuits
  • 15 Tellurium
  • 25,000 Salvage
  • 100,000 Credits.

These are the resources needed for a ghost clan. 3 for shadow, 10 for storm, 30 for mountain and 100 for Moon.

  • The dry dock has got a build time of twelve hours.  This can be made fast with Platinum to finish the build instantly. You have to head to the far side of the dry dock, where there will be a platform with two consoles on it.
  •  You have to prepare enough space for the hangar. Three elevators to match the floors, four elevators things over or under the dry dock. The Dojo room capacity is increased from 100 to 128 to accommodate dry dock.

One of the consoles will allow you to research the items, and you can research Railjack  Cephalon. For this you will need

4000 Credits, 2 Orokin Cells, 5 Fieldron samples,5 Detonite Injectors, 5 Mutagen Mass and so on.

This Railjack Cephalon has a research time of 1 hour . It cannot be rushed.  Once you have  completed building it, you will be able to change the Blueprint and create Railjack Cephalon.

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