Ulala Idle Adventure Guide: Tips and Tricks

We got a very welcoming surprise recently, Ulala: Idle Adventure. It provides a unique light on the idle RPG. You can sit back and watch your caveman or cavewoman warrior battle endlessly through a series of new environments and ferocious enemies.

Along the way, you will waern new gears, level up, hatch a pet for yourself, cook some food, and craft bigger and better gear. There are literally so many ways for you to power up your character in Ulala. You don’t have to even mind that you’re not battling the enemies out there. There are plenty of things to keep you hooked.

Ulala: Idle Adventure- How it Works

The Basics

ulala idle adventure guide

Ulala: Idle Adventure is a brand new spin-off of idle RPG. It provides a far more defined version of the same genre than we have already seen. For starters, sit back and watch your character engaging with enemies surrounded by gorgeous environments.

Aside from the redefined visual polish, you know what to probably expect from this. Your character will beat up all enemies in its way, gaining experience, money, and gear along the journey.

Gear and Equipment

ulala idle adventure guide

You will get to collect new gear. Visit your inventory to equip the earned gear. Keep on powering up your gear to beat a boss. Better equipment increases your chances of winning.

As you move ahead, you will unlock the ability to power up all your equipment. We recommend you further boost your stats after every level up.


You also get some attributes. These attributes come in three different forms and enhance different statistics. You will earn five points every time you level up and cross a certain level. A single statistic cannot surpass your character’s current level.


You have four different skills to equip. It depends on your level. Each skill upgrade improves the ability of your skills. All the skills come in different rarities, with Legendary being the most powerful. Obviously a Legendary skill will be more effective than the same skill of a lower level.

Visit the Skill Chest, if you’d like to unlock more skills. You can purchase the powerups for starfish or pearls.


Once you unlock the capture feature, you can get to keep a pet. These pets will fight with your hero against the enemies. They can also deal with significant damage. You can also release unwanted pets for some resources.

ulala idle adventure guide


You can also do some cooking to boost your statistics. It is only effective for an hour. We recommend this, as it is worth having one statistic boosted for an hour. The particular statistic to be boosted will depend on the class you would be playing.


You can join other players and form a team to fasten your progress through your adventure. Just tap on the team button and head to the Notice Board to find a team. Team up with players who are on almost the same level as you.

Ulala: Idle Adventure- Tips and Tricks

ulala idle adventure guide

Join a team:

Join a team with other members that are on almost the same level as you. It will help you in progressing a lot quicker.

Enhance your gear:

Each time you level up, go ahead and enhance each of your gear slots. It will boost the statistics of that gear.

Keep hatching pets:

Hatch as many pets as you can. It’s worth doing as they will get something rarer for you and will fight alongside your character.

Cook and eat food:

Eating cooked meals will provide you with a handsome statistic boost for an hour. Do it as often as you can.

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