The plot of the Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 is going to be interesting so many fans are waiting to know the release date and time for the episode. Get to know about Tokyo Revengers in the meantime of waiting for the next episode.

Tower Of God Chapter 506

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga. The manga series was written and art by Ken Wakui. It was serialized in Kodansha’s published magazine Weekly Shonen. It was first published in March 2017. The Anime series was adapted by linden films. It was directed by Koichi Hatsumi and the anime series was written by Yasuyuki Muto.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21: Spoilers

In Tokyo Revengers Episode 20, we see Naji standing against Kisaki. Kisaki men are easily defeated by the former first division caption of the Tokyo Manji gang. Things get very ticky when he faces Kisaki. To know how the whole situation will turn out, fans are eagerly waiting for the next episode.

Tower Of God Chapter 506

The preview for the Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 from which we can conclude that the episode is titled ” One and Only”. The episode is set to start with Baji Vomiting blood. For further details, we have patiently wait for the episode release.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21: Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21

The first episode of Tokyo Revengers was released on April 11, 2021. Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 is set to release on Saturday, August 28, 2021. There is no reported delay in the release of the anime episode.

The timing according to Timezones is as follows:

  • Pacific time: 12 PM PDT
  • Central time: 2 PM CDT
  • Eastern time : 3 PM EDT

Where to Watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 21?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21

The English version of the anime was licensed by Crunchyroll. Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 can be officially streamed on Crunchyroll where you can find both English subtitles and English dubbed.  For east Asian countries you can find the episodes on youtube of Muse Asia.

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