Foothill Stable Map Of The legend of Zelda

The legend of Zelda is an action adventurous high fantasy video game. It is created by japanese designer Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka. This game is developed and published by Nintendo.


The series’ main focus is various incarnations of a young courageous hylian man, link and a magical princess, Princess Zelda. Zelda is the mortal reincarnation of the goddess Hylia. They have to fight with Ganon, an evil lord, to save the land of hyrule.

Foothill Stable Map


Here we’ll give you the location of stables in the game:

1. Lake Side Stable By Lake Floria

Lake Side is hidden is the bushy jungle of Faron region. Lake Side Stable is best spot to set a spot. This place provides some attack boosting fruits.

2. Riverside Stable Between Hyrule Field And West Necluda

At the north east side of great plateau, player can find river side stable. It offers a rare safe zone on central hyrule region. The royal gear and royal recipe is must to grab if a player visit this place.

3. East Akkala Stable

East Akkala Stable found in northern Akkala highlands. It is a useful location to upgrade link’s Sheila slate. On the way, player should pick up the quest like a shady customer and the spring of power.

4. Foothill Stable

Foothill Stable founded between Zora domain and goron city. The foot of dead mountain is an ominous place for stable but foothill Stable makes the best of it. Players can pick up the quest there which leads players to the Tah Muhl Shrine.

Foothill Stable Map

Foothill Stable Map

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