One of the major character in Read Dead Online ‘Madam Nazar’ is a Channler of spirits in the game. Madam Nazar being a businesswoman is bound to stay on the road and change her location every single day without any hint of where she could actually be. However this character is really important for all the self- respecting collector in the game.

How to search for Madam Nazar?

Where is Madam Nazar Today?

Usually there are 12 spots that has been noticed where Madam Nazar could be spotted in the current dates. These 12 places are the spots where she randomly appears on an everyday basis. You will definately find her in any one of these 12 spots. However, if you are searching for her you can actually start your findings from the first spot. You can actually recognize her  through her flashy caravan.

Those 12 spots where Madam Nazar’s could be spotted

  1. Roanoke Ridge
  2. Bluewater Marsh
  3. Bolger Glade
  4. Eastern Heartlands
  5. Three Sisters
  6. Cumberland Forest
  7. Eastern Heartlands
  8. Little Creek River
  9. Tall Trees
  10. Manteca Falls
  11. Cholla Springs
  12. Rio Bravo

Where is Madam Nazar Today?

Madam Nazar’s current location

Currently you can spot Madam Nazar in Roanoke Ridge which is in the region of Ambarind. To reach there you will have to travel to Annesburg town then move to west then then go through main road towards North until you could find her.

Advantages of dealing with Madam Nazar

Madam Nazar has great collections of trinkets, rotating cosmetic items like masks and belt accessories which is only available in her collections. She also does the trading of collector- specific tools which can get unlocked once they level up.

Red Dead Online is basically an action- adventure Nintendo. This game was developed by Rockstar San Diego whereas publishing was done by Rockstar Games. This game is supported on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X as well as PC.

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