Condenser Mic: For many, choosing the right condenser microphone is a daunting task. There are many options on the market so choosing the best one may seem easy. It is essential to select the one that best suits your needs.

Here are some things you should consider when buying a condenser microphone.

Pickup patterns

The quality of the sound recorded will depend on the pattern used to capture it. Two patterns that are most popular are the omnidirectional and cardioid. The former can pick-up sound equally from both the front and the back of the device. The cardioid will reject sound coming from the back of your device, while the cardioid can pick up sound evenly. The cardioid patterns are recommended for those who want to be less distracted.

Proximity effect Sensitivity

You should be aware of the proximity effect on your microphone when you sing on stage. The different sensitivities of microphones available are not the same. Some microphones are sensitive to sources three inches apart, but others can accept sources up to fifteen inches apart.

Frequency response curve

What’s that? It is a measurement curve of the microphone’s response to a given frequency. Because you can’t generalize to all frequencies, it is crucial that you choose a microphone using the frequency response curve. You can select a microphone with a high response in low frequency ranges if you find these frequencies are common. Your sound output will be higher. It is enough to output up to 5dB at five thousand, so why would you need a device with a greater frequency range?

Power supply

It is a good idea to have a battery-powered device if you want to be mobile all the time. Your microphone shouldn’t lose steam during a performance.

Noise floor

This is the measurement of the device’s noise level. It is important to know that microphones can still make background noise, even when you don’t produce any sound. Choose a microphone with low noise levels.

Now you are familiar with the key factors of your condenser microphone. Now it’s time to give your direct recommendations. We have tested many condenser mics and found that the TONOR ORCA001 is the best. Why? We’ll explain below!

The TONOR ORCA001 condenser microphone features the following:

– This microphone can cancel noise with one button. Also, this microphone can cancel out noise with just one button.

– This feature activates or deactivates in just one tap. Users will be able to mut/unmute the sound using just one tap. This feature comes in handy while you play games on your pS4/5 or streaming broadcasts, meeting, and many other situations.

– Unconditional compatibility: This microphone’s two-in-1 connector allows for 100% compatibility with Macs, Androids, PS4/5, and PC. You don’t need any additional drivers.

– Zero latency monitoring: This feature makes it possible to listen to recorded content in real time without echo. This feature allows you to control recordings much more effectively than with most other microphones.

– The Cardioid Pattern: This is what you would expect from all of this. Yes, this TONOR ORCA001 microphone has a clearer sound.

Are you ready to buy? Amazon is the best place to buy this amazing condenser mic.


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