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Wildstar is a viral multiplayer online role-playing game set in a fantasy, science-fiction world. Carbine Studios created the game, which NCSoft published. It was first published with a subscription in June of 2014, but in September of 2015, it was changed to a free-to-play model.

The events of WildStar took place on Nexus, a fictional planet. Here, a mysterious and powerful race known as the Eldan vanished without a trace, leaving behind a wealth of technology and knowledge. As a player, you must explore the planet to discover the hidden technology.

NCSoft announced the abrupt closure of Carbine Studios on September 6, 2018, leaving Wildstar fans saddened. The studio’s instant shutdown signalled the start of WildStar’s wind-down process. The game’s shutdown date was not specified. However, it was eventually declared dead in November of 2018. #wildstar

Why was Wildstar Cancelled?

The viral game was cancelled a few years after its release owing to sad circumstances. The news of the cancellation shattered the participants’ faith in the game. However, it was clear that the game will be taken down sooner or later.


The game’s termination was primarily because it alienated a large number of gamers. For a significant number of gamers, the more challenging raids and objectives were undesirable, and many eventually stopped playing. The game used a rigorous approach rather than an accessible and playable one.  Another reason was that Severe management problems plagued Carbine Studios. For a long time, fans and gamers feared that the studio was not running the game properly.

Wildstar was likewise a flop when it came to promotions and marketing. Wildstar’s creators failed to achieve both: promote the game widely and provide exciting and intriguing material for its gamers. The studio was unable to maintain its innovative marketing strategy, which resulted in the game’s discontinuation. Finally, there wasn’t much creative content in the game, to begin with. The game started with a fantastic sci-fi story, but it never progressed in the proper path due to poor management. Players were forced to wait an extended period for new material.

Wildstar : Subscribers and Daily Player Population


The number of Wildstar subscribers is projected to be 1.4 million. And this month, the daily population playing the game was found to be 13,128 per day.

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